Buyandship X Super Delivery

Buyandship X Delivery

Buyandship x Super Delivery Purchase Rewards Program

Buyandship members only
Complete a purchase at Super Delivery between now and December 20th to get 50 Buyandship credits, equal to HK$50 Shipping fee rebate!
Super Delivery 1,000円 welcome rewards
Complete the registration process through this link below and get 1,000円 as an exclusive welcome reward with Super Delivery Japan!

About Super Delivery

「SUPER DELIVERY」is Japan’s largest wholesale website with 1,500 suppliers and more than 1 million trendy apparel. You can shop popular fashion items, interior decoration, and daily groceries in Japan 24/7. As long as you are a member, you can purchase all kinds of Japanese daily necessities, electrical appliances, clothing, food, etc. at a wholesale price of 40-60% compared to the retail price.



Home appliances
Food & Drinks

How it works

Register as a member

Click「Register Now」to get to the Super Delivery website via the link on this page and follow the instructions below to complete the registration.

Product range

Buyers need to log in to request to check the wholesale price of the product. The approval time depends on the wholesaler, usually up to 1-2 working days.

Credit card payment

Add items to your cart and pay; please note that Japan only supports credit card payments.

Japanese warehouse

Please confirm that the delivery address is our Buyandship Japan warehouse. After the parcel has arrived at the warehouse, log in to Buyandship to declare your parcel.

Terms & Conditions

About Shipping Fee Rebate
  1. Shipping fee rebate event starts on December 9, 2019 and ends on December 20, 2019 11:59 PM.
  2. Eligible Buyandship members will receive 50 shipping credits to their Buyandship accounts (1 point equals 1 HK dollar). Eligible members are defined as: required to register and complete the purchase at Super Delivery Japan ( during the event period.
  3. All rebated shipping credits can be used to pay for shipping fees on Buyandship’s system, and will be valid for 90 days from the day they are available in the relevant Buyandship account.
  4. Any item that falls within Buyandship’s list of prohibited items on the restrictions page are not eligible for this promotion.
  5. Every Buyandship user can only participate in this promotion once.
  6. This offer withholds a declaration, that the member understands and is willing to abide by the terms and conditions of this promotion.
  7. In case of any dispute, Buyandship reserves the right to make the final decision.

About Super Delivery 1,000円 Welcome Rewards
  1. Participants must register at Super Delivery Japan via the “Register Now” link on this event page and complete the registration process to receive 1,000円 rewards.
  2. The 1,000円 award is only applicable to newly registered members.
  3. The 1,000円 award can be used to purchase order payments and/or shipping charges on Super Delivery Japan, without an expiration date.
  4. The 1,000円 rewards cannot be redeemed for cash.
  5. In case of any dispute, Super Delivery reserves the right of final decision.