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2 Shipment Types save you time and money.
Our delivery fee is based on Actual Weight.
We offer over 400 self-pickup locations.
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Shop overseas. Fast delivery. Pick-up Easily.
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Our 9 self-operated and dedicated overseas warehouses help you ship your goods home.
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Daily updates on all latest sale offers enable you the best shopping experience.
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We provide a smooth and transparent shipment process with professional support before, during and after sales.
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Buyandship, the best partner for you to Buy and Ship around the world
Credit Rewards Program Credit Rewards Program
Earn Buyandship Credits and save on shipping costs!
Earn Buyandship Credits and save on shipping costs!
Latest Discount Update
Daily updates on latest sales enable you the best shopping experience
Weight-based Fee
The delivery fee is based on the weight of your parcels which will be measured in Hong Kong.
Editors Picks

China warehouse will reject parcels

Starting from February 29, China warehouse will not be accepting parcels and the signed parcels will not be shipped to Hong Kong until further notice.

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US Warehouse Updates

Due to the rapidly spreading coronavirus, US Government has temporarily restricted the export of protective equipment. From now on, our US warehouse will not export any protective equipment, including face masks, respirator filters/ cartridges, medical gloves and gowns, etc.

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Latest News

Best Memorial Day Sales & Deals 2020

Your Ultimate Shopping List

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Relocation of Thai Warehouse

Our Thai warehouse has been officially opened and in operation now. To avoid any delivery delay or parcel loss, please update your Thai shipping address on shopping sites you used as soon as possible.

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Share Happiness

If you want to earn credit points, simply refer your friend to use Buyandship as well! When your friend signs up through your referral link/number and completes the first Buyandship shipment, both parties will receive HK$30 Buyandship credit!

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