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Why Buyandship is better for freight forwarding?


Many international online stores only offer domestic shipping or high shipping fees to HK. Buyandship provides international freight forwarding with 10 warehouses around the world, we help customers to reship overseas parcels back to Hong Kong at an affordable shipping fee! Here we’ll tell you why Buyandship is the best choice for you!



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9 reasons why Buyandship is better for freight forwarding


1. Shipping rate is more affordable

Buyandship offers relatively affordable shipping rates for our users to easily ship their overseas parcels back to Hong Kong.

*Pricing for our shipping services in US, UK, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Italy

  • Buyandship Redemption Center: $22 every lb.
  • Alfred Smart Locker/Alfred Point/Circle K: $24 every lb.
  • S.F. Store: $29 every lb.
  • Commercial Area Delivery: $25 every lb.


2. No subscription fee

Buyandship won’t charge any subscription fees, all users can enjoy the affordable shipping fee, free consolidation, and excellent delivery services. Users just need to pay for what they ship! We will also update all the latest sale offers on overseas online shops enable users the best shopping experience!


3. Free consolidation for every user

Buyandship offers our users to consolidate your parcels from our 8 overseas warehouses (including: US, UK, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Italy:) into one. The shipping fee will be charged according to your total parcels weight, so you can shop around the world with no worries!

4. Weight-based shipping rates

Delivery fee of our mail forwarding service is based on the actual weight of each parcel, excluding the extra cost of parcel size, and users can consolidate multiple shipments from different warehouses into one to save more money!

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5. Free storage for 14 days

Packages can be stored at our Hong Kong warehouse for 14 days, allowing customers to purchase products from multiple global online stores and have them conveniently delivered in one parcel. (except for Chinese shipments)

6. Good customer service

If you have any questions about parcels or shipping problems please feel free to contact the customer service. Our customer service will try their best to answer your enquiries with 5-10 minutes.

7. 390+ pick up points

To provide a more convenient delivery service of online shopping, Buyandship has established 264 self-pickup centers and 155 self-pickup lockers for customers for parcel collection. We keep adding self-pickup spots for you to choose, so you can pick up your parcels more easily in every district!

8. Up-to-date delivery status

Users can track your parcel through the tracking link or tracking number provided by the Online retailer before it arrives at our overseas warehouse. Once it arrives at our warehouse, we will send you an email notification whenever there is an updated delivery status of your parcel.


9. The frequency for parcels ships from overseas warehouses to HK warehouse

Parcels leave our US, Japan, Korea, China warehouses on a daily basis (5 times a week) for further processing at our central warehouse!

  • US warehouse: 5 times a week. Every Tue to Sat HKT
  • US warehouse: 5 times a week. Every Tue to Sat HKT
  • US warehouse: 5 times a week. Every Mon to Fri HKT
  • US warehouse: 5 times a week. Every Mon to Fri HKT


*The price will be adjusted due to the supply and demand, everything is subject to the website.

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