Friend Referral for $50

Refer a friend and get 50 Credit Points each!

May seems to be the month that keeps on giving! This time we want to offer you another great deal. Simply recommend BuyandShip to your friends, and get HK$50 (usually 30) each!

Send out your Referral Code, and as soon as one of your friends registered and completed their first order via Buyandship, after 14 days you both will automatically receive HK$50 credit points (each point equals HK$1 shipping fee)!

How to refer a friend

Share your “Friend Referral Number” or “Referral Link” to a friend for registration between 7th of May and 7th of June 2018.

The referred friend has to complete a first transaction of a shipment from either US, UK, Japan, South Korea or Taiwan before the 7th of June 2018.

You and your friend will receive 50 credit points within 14 days after the first transaction (the more friends you refer
the more credit points you will get)

By the way: There is no limitation to your referred friends, the more friends you refer, the more points you’ll receive! But please note: The first order of the referred friend has to be completed on or before June 7, 2018.


Refer a friend & get 50 Points

Share the “Referral link” with your friend
and get 50 Credit Points EACH, as soon as one referred member completed an order via B&S!

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Terms and Conditions:

.This offer is valid starting 7th May 2018 until 7th June 2018 11:59AM
.Share your “Friend Referral Number” or “Referral Link” to a friend for registration.The credit points will be added to your account within 14 days after the completion of the first US, UK, Japan, South Korea or Taiwan transaction. This transaction has to be completed before the 7th of June 2018.
.The “Friend Referral Number” or “Referral Link” must be inserted during the registration process, otherwise you will not be rewarded any bonus points.
.If your friend is using a referral link, your “Friend Referral Number” should automatically show on your friend’s registration page. If it failed to do so, your friend will have to re-enter the 10-digit “Friend Referral Number” manually in order to receive bonus points.
.Friend Referral Program can only be used to refer friends in the same country or city.
.The credit points for the “friends referral activity” will be credited to both parties within 14 days after the completion of the first US, British, Japanese, Korean or Taiwanese transshipment.
.The transfer order for China’s transshipment will not be counted.
.Credit points cannot be exchanged into cash
.Credit points of this offer have a 90-day limit and will expire afterwards
.By making use of the “Friends Referral”, the Customer agrees to have understood and is willing to abide to the terms and conditions of this offer.
.In case of any dispute, BuyandShip reserves the right of final decision.