Bank-in Points Rewards Scheme! Actual charges as low as HK$16 per pound!

Will you be purchasing a lot and therefore be needing our freight forwading services soon? Or are you using our Buyandship service very regularly?
To everyone, who is planning to use our freight forwarding services often, we have a reward for you! If you want to reduce cost and enjoy our excellent Buyandship service, then take advantage of our generous promotion now! Fill up your buyandship credit account and get up to 50% points on top! (see table below)
It will help you reduce freight costs, and the lowest shipping price is equivalent to HK$ 16 per pound!
The more you bank-in the more shipping cost you can save!

Bank-in Points Rewards

Account Value Rebate in % Total Points Bonus Points Average HKD per pound
$1,000 10% 1,100 100 $21.82
$2,000 15% 2,300 300 $20.86
$5,000 20% 6,000 1,000 $20.00
$8,000 25% 10,000 2,000 $19.20
$10,000 30% 13,000 3,000 $18.00
$20,000 40% 28,000 8,000 $17.14
$40,000 50% 60,000 20,000 $16.00
*** All “extra reward points” must be spent before June 30, 2018 ***
** Each point equivalent to HK$1 for payment of freight **
* No hidden fees, no first pound charges, no extra charges for pick-up *

We want to show you how much you can save with this example:
If you have HK$2000 shipping fees in one month, then you can apply the 300 HK$ on top of the HK$2000, right? Wrong.
In fact, as long as the value of Buyandship points are HK$8,000 or more, you can receive an extra bonus/reward of at least 2000 points, which will pretty much give you at least a whole MONTH’S worth of shipping fee or you can ship 83 pounds of freight to HK for free!(calculated with shipments from the US, UK, Japan, and Korea, if collected by eLink from the pick-up box or picked up by a third party from our pick-up points)
You can use our Buyandship high-quality transfer service with this amazing reward scheme/promotion now, and you definitely don’t want to miss it! Please note that all “extra reward points” must be spent before June 30, 2018.

Terms and details of the promotion:
. Promotion begins April 26th,2018 and ends May 7th, 2018
. Money must be transferred during the promotion dates to receive this rebate offer
. Points will be automatically added to the members account within 3 working days after verification of the deposit amount
. Points need to be purchased before the shipment arrives in Hong Kong to be able to deduct shipping charges on the shipment
. Points can be used to pay for shipping (each point is relative to HK$1)
. “Extra reward points” must be used before June 30, 2018, otherwise they will expire
. The remaining points purchased through this activity do not have a period of use
. All points cannot be transferred to other member accounts and cannot be exchanged for cash
. In case of any dispute, BuyandShip reserves the right of final decision