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Buyandship’s Parcel Forwarding Process


5 simple steps to easily start a convenient, fast and reliable overseas online shopping experience!

【Step 1】Shop Online on Overseas Website

Visit and shop on your favourite overseas websites, and fill in the Buyandship overseas warehouse address in the order information column for delivery information when placing an order.


【Step 2】Declare Your Shipments & Choose the Shipment Type

After receiving the delivery email from the store, please go to the Buyandship website to log in to your member center and declare the shipment. You will have to choose shipment type at this stage.

Tips: Declare the shipment in advance to make the whole process faster!

🆚 Shipment Type Available: Single Shipment VS Bulk Shipment

【Step 3】Shipment Arrives At Our Overseas Warehouse

When the shipment arrives at the overseas warehouse, our staff will sign for the shipment and put it into storage. You don’t need to do anything at this point, just wait patiently for the shipment to be sent to the Hong Kong warehouse.

【Step 4】Shipment Arrives At Our Hong Kong Warehouse

Once the shipment arrives at the Hong Kong warehouse, it will be ready for consolidation and calculation of delivery fee. 

📍 Buyandship’s Shipping Calculation

【Step 5】Wait for Your Shipment

After the shipment consolidation, parcel will be directly delivered to the pick-up point or the designated delivery address, and you can go to pick it up when you receive an email notification!


How do I track the status of my shipment?

Log in to the Buyandship Member Center and click “My Shipment”/”My Forwarding Order”: