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Price Adjustment of UK Parcel Forwarding Service


Thank you for being a loyal customer of Buyandship. We are pleased to announce a price drop for shipments from the UK warehouse to Hong Kong and the price adjustment will go into effect on Oct 31st, 2023 (TUE), whilst the shipments from other warehouses will not be affected. Details are as follows.

Any orders created before the effective date of the new prices will be calculated based on the original prices. When consolidating shipments from different warehouses with different prices, the delivery fee of an order will be calculated based on the highest price rate.

On Oct 31st, you create an order with one shipment from Korea (0.8lb) and another shipment from the UK (1.2lb) and choose to self-pick up at Buyandship Redemption Centre. The delivery fee of your order (Calculation with the highest price rate which is the price of Korea warehouse): HK$27 x 2lb = HK$54

You can also visit our Pricing page for further information.

Buyandship will keep making efforts to provide excellent parcel forwarding service. Thank you again for your support and trust in Buyandship over the years!