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6th Anniversary – Final Reward: Share and Win


Here is the FINAL reward of Buyandship 6th anniversary campaign! The last one is the best! Follow the 3 steps below and upload your photos of your parcels. If your post is selected to be the best sharing, Buyandship will offer prize and reward to you! Share and win the prize!

UPDATE: Some members asked us whether they can share posts in Facebook Group “Buyandship 網購著數交流區” to participate in the Final Reward Campaign. Therefore, we decided to add this Facebook Group as one of the aceepted channels. Go to our FB Group and share now!

6th Anniversary – Final Reward: Share and Win

Campaign Period: 1st December, 2020 – 31st December, 2020

3 Steps to participate in the campaign

Step 1

Take photos / videos of your parcels shipped with Buyandship in November/ December this year.


Step 2

Upload the photos / videos to your Facebook or Instagram account*, or Facebook Group “Buyandship 網購著數交流區” within 1st December, 2020 – 31st December, 2020. Share the overseas shopping experience, parcel forwarding tips or the reason for using Buyandship services in the caption. Remember to tag our Facebook Page or Instagram account and add hashtag #BuyandshipSharenWin


*Change your account open to public (or change post’s privacy on FB) for Buyandship’s verification

*Share Stories on FB or IG will not be counted as eligible participants

Facebook page: Buyandship Hong Kong

Instagram account: @buyandship.hk

Facebook Group︰Buyandship 網購著數交流區

Hashtag: #BuyandshipSharenWin

Step 3
Fill in dedicated form and provide relevant information

✨ Selection criteria:

There is no restriction on caption of your sharing post. It can be your shopping story, reasons for shopping, parcel forwarding tips and reasons of using Buyandship. You will be picked as the prize winners if you sharing post attracts us!

Terms & conditions :

  1. The event starts on 1st December, 2020 and ends on 31st December, 2020 11:59 PM;
  2. To participate in this campaign, users have to complete all steps listed above;
  3. Buyandship will announce the prize winners on Facebook fanpage and website on 14th January, 2021;
  4. Buyandship will contact and inform the winner of the details within 1 week after the announcement of the winning result and details based on the email address provided by participants. If the information is incorrect and the winner can’t be notified, Buyandship reserves the right to redistribute the unclaimed prize to other participants;
  5. This event is only open to Hong Kong Buyandship members. Each participant is only allowed to win the prize once;
  6. Each transhipment order can be used only once to participate in the campaign;
  7. All credit points cannot be transferred to other members’ accounts and cannot be redeemed for cash;
    Terms number 8-14 applies to the first prize
  8. The value of the prize includes the price of the overseas product and the shipping fee delivered from overseas warehouse to Hong Kong. If the selected product and the total shipping cost are lower than the price of the prize, no compensation will be paid; if the total value exceeds the price of the prize, the participant will need to pay the difference when picking up the prize;
  9. Winners cannot select prohibited products or the participant/winner will be disqualified. Please see Prohibited Items Catalog
  10. If the selected product is out of stock, does not accept overseas payment, or rejects our overseas warehouse address, or the selected product exceeds the shipment restriction, Buyandship will switch to the second choice or even the third choice selected by the winner. Please see shipment restriction details
  11. The delivery time of each overseas online store is different, so the actual arrived date can’t be determined. We will notify you to pick up the prize once it arrives at the Hong Kong warehouse;
  12. Winner must go to the Buyandship Kwai Hing Redemption Centre to receive the awards in person or by authorized representative within 90 days of notification; if the winners or their authorized representatives fail to collect the prize within the specified time, it will be regarded as abandonment;
  13. All prizes of this offer cannot be returned once they have been sent out;
  14. The Client understands that all event prizes are not products of the Company. The Company is not responsible for the safety, suitability, quality and performance of the redemption of gifts, nor will it provide after-sales and maintenance services for any prizes;
    Terms number 15-16 applies to the second and third prizes
  15. The points earned through this campaign will expire on 31st March, 2022;
  16. Credit points can be used to pay for the shipping fee (each credit point is equal to HK$1);
  17. In case of any dispute, Buyandship reserves the right to make the final decision.