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【Service Announcement】Free Storage Period Reminder

21-day free storage reminder

Your parcels can enjoy a 21-day of free storage in our local warehouse for facilitating you to consolidate parcels from different countries if you have selected Bulk Shipment. An overdue fee will apply to any parcel which is still stored in the warehouse after the free storage period.

The date that your parcels arrived at our local warehouse is counted as the first day of the free storage period. When the free storage is ended, we will charge an overdue fee for each parcel which has not yet been consolidated. An overdue parcel can be stored for 30 days. After that, the overdue parcel will be regarded as an abandoned parcel without prior notice.

We will send you an email notification when your parcels arrive at our local warehouse. You are encouraged to consolidate your parcels early to prevent overdue parcels.

For details of the overdue fee, please refer to “Pricing > Other Fees”.