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6th Anniversary – 1st Reward: Friend Referral Gets 38 Credit Points Each!


Less than one and a half months to the US Thanksgiving Holiday, which the large sale days of Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday that shopaholic are excited in are going to start. There will be a big discount in many US online shops, the low prices would be out of your imagination! Now, we offer the first reward for our members and yours friends because there is no reason that you don’t share these amazing deals and discounts with them!Let’s call your friends to sign up with your referral code and shop more, save more from overseas online shopping together!

🌟Benefits of Overseas Online Shopping 🌟

① Oversea online shopping allows you to buy anything from your favorite brands at a lower price or with good discounts
② Wider variety & range of products are available
③ Keep up with every foreign shopping season

🌟Why Buyandship🌟

  • We have more than 300 pick up points in Hong Kong
  • We do not overcharge since our shipping rate is purely based on weight
  • We enable you to shop in 11 (U.S., U.K., JAPAN, KOREA, ITALY, AUSTRALIA, CHINA, TAIWAN, THAILAND, INDOESIA and CANADA) locations worldwide
  • We have FREE consolidation service and FREE storage of shipment up to 21 days
  • We shipped your favorite items overseas straight to your doorstep in Hong Kong
  • Tracking is so easy!
  • Save money by taking advantage of great deals only happening overseas.

HOW does Buyandship work?

6th Anniversary – 1st Reward: Friend Referral Gets 38 Credit Points Each!

Remember to enter the promoting code on the registration page so you can get 38 credit points!

Promotion Period: October 19 to November 18, 2020

How to shop more and save more with your friends?
As soon as your friend registered as a Buyandship member through your friend referral number or link, and completed their first orders via Buyandship within 19/10-18/11, both of you will get HK$38 credit points each on your Buyandship account! Each credit point is equal to HK$1, these 38 points can be used to ship 1 more pound for free on your next Buyandship order! The best thing is that there is no limit, the more friends you refer, the more points you can earn! Let’s get as much friend referral reward as you can, and use these points to shop as much as you can on Black Friday with your friends!

More 6th Anniversary rewards are coming soon:https://bit.ly/2T8wV7r
Follow our Facebook and stay turned! https://bit.ly/3nRJrGJ

Terms & Conditions:
.Your referred friends must be sign up and complete orders within October 19, 2020 – November 18, 11:59 PM.
.Your referred friend must complete a first transshipment transaction (excpet China) on or before November 18, 2020 (based on the completion of the pickup time) to get the reward.
.The credit points will be automatically added into the accounts of both parties within 21 days after the referee completes the first transaction.
.To use the “Friend Referral Number”, the referral number must be entered at the time of registration, otherwise, no reward points can be earned.
.When you use the “Referral Link” to register, your referral code will appear in the referral code column. If you do not have, please re-enter the 10-digit “Recommended Friends Number”, otherwises you will not be able to earn points rewards.
.“Friend Referral” reward points are only available for registrations within the same country or city.
.This offer cannot be used in conjunction with “New Member ” offer or any other offers.
.All points earned cannot be returned or exchanged to cash.
.The points awarded through this event will be valid for 90 days.
.By participating in this offer, the customer states that he/she understands and is willing to abide by the terms and conditions of the event.
.In case of any dispute, the company will reserve the final decision.

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Learn how to purchase your favorite products using Buyandship

👉 How to Buy Products By Using Buyandship

Is this your first time using our Buyandship service? Here are a few things you should know:

A flat fee up to HK$22/lb will be charged for overseas shipment whether it is from our USA, UK, Japan, Korea, Australia, Italy, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia Canada or China warehouses. All the same rate! With a few easy steps, your product purchases will be delivered to you in no time.

SIGN UP NOW to gain access to our overseas warehouses, and get FREE HKD12 credit to use for your next shipping fee!

Here is a video tutorial on How to Sign up with Buyandship.