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Parcel Collection Arrangement for Sea Shipment from Japan


⇒updated on 12/3/2020 14:42

Parcel Collection Arrangement for Sea Shipment from Japan

All sea shipments have arrived at Hong Kong. We know that you are very eager to get your parcels as soon as possible. If we follow normal procedures of parcel collection, it would be time consuming because of the enormous quantity of shipments. In order to speed up the whole process of parcel collection for you, we have made the following arrangements.

Considering the size of most of sea shipments, we decided to add a new Buyandship Redemption Center for sea shipments since other pickup points, like Circle K stores and lockers, have stricter size limitations to parcels. The new redemption center is located at Profit Industrial Building, the building opposite to the other Kwai Fong’s Buyandship Redemption Center.

Sea shipments are directly processed and stored at the new center after they arrived at Hong Kong, which can skip the procedures of loading and unloading shipments for transferring shipments to other pickup points and minimize the interference to other shipments by their incredible amount. As a result, sea shipments under this special arrangement can be available for pickup 10 – 14 days earlier than under usual practices.

Sea shipments have been automatically changed to “Single Shipment”. You can either pick up your shipments at Profit Industrial Building or request for a delivery service. The opening hour of new redemption center is relatively longer than those of other redemption centers and every parcel can be temporarily stored for 7 days.

Please note that consolidation is not available for sea shipments. Despite the fixed shipment type of sea shipments, we will round off the weight of every sea shipment before charging the fee. HK$ 22 will be charged for each pound of weight. No re-weighing will be provided for sea shipments.

Calculation of weight

If the decimal place is greater than or equals to 0.5 lb, the weight will be rounded up to the nearest integer, whereas less than 0.5 lb will be rounded down to the nearest integer.
Round off 10.49 lb to 10 lb
Round off 10.50 lb to 11 lb

Delivery Service

If you or your assigned representative can not pick up shipments by the assigned time, you can arrange a delivery service and pay cash on delivery after the shipment order has been built for 14 working days. We provide a special offer, HK$ 25 per pound, to each sea shipment using delivery service. The shipping fee from Japan to Hong Kong, and the local delivery fee are included in the offered price. Industrial and residential areas can enjoy this offer with the same price. If you decide to address your shipment to a S.F. store or an EF locker, it may take a longer time to get the shipment ready for pickup. Please do not use the address of Alfred lockers, Alfred points or Buyandship Redemption Centers as your delivery address when you fill in the form.

If you request for a delivery service, please fill in the form below. One form is only for one shipment. If you have more than one shipment, please fill in a new form with accurate order details for every other shipment. This special arrangement is only available for sea shipments which can not be consolidated with any other parcels. We apologize for any inconveniences caused to you.

When an order is created, the fee is calculated based on the charge of parcel collection at Buyandship Redemption Center. Any Buyandship points deducted are based on the same calculation. Since there is a price difference between picking up at Buyandship Redemption Center, HK$22/lb, and the special delivery offer of HK$ 25/lb, the remaining fee will be collected by the courier once you receive your shipment. Only cash payment is available. We apologize for any delayed response to your inquiries. As we have received a considerable number of inquiries, it takes time to reply to all the inquiries and respond to any requests. What you only need to do is to fill the form if you would like to arrange for the delivery of your sea shipments. After the shipment is sent out, we will update the shipment status to the Shipment Order page and you will receive the tracking number of your shipment within 4 working days. You can track your shipment on SF-Plus Website or SF Express Website. Please note that the parcel collection method of sea shipments can not be changed anymore once you have submitted the request form for delivery.

As these are special arrangements for sea shipments, the new Buyandship Redemption Center cannot be selected as a self-pickup location for other shipments.
We really appreciate your patience and support.

A brief summary of the self-pickup arrangements for sea shipments
▶ Only available for Single Shipment
▶ Either self pick up at the new Buyandship Redemption Center or have local delivery
▶ Each sea shipment can not be consolidated. The fee of each shipment is charged by its weight
▶ The weight of sea shipment will be rounded off to the nearest integer as above mentioned
▶ Every parcel can be temporarily stored for 7 days, except for those parcels of local delivery

New Buyandship Redemption Center for Sea Shipments
Address: RM 515, 5/F, Block B, Profit Industrial Building, Nos.1-15 Kwai Fung Crescent, Kwai Fong, N.T.(Please use the passenger lift)
Opening hours: 1pm to 8:30pm
▶ Cash only
▶ Please take the carton boxes of your shipments with you when you leave

For those shipments by air, the fee will be charged as usual. Please refer to the Pricing for details.