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S.F. Store Special Offer Ends on 31/3


To speed up the transshipment and free up more space to process the shipments, while allowing customers to pick up the parcels as quickly as possible at lower prices and more pickup methods, we will reduce the self-pickup shipping fee of S.F. Store to $25 per pound, applicable in all shipments, except for shipments by sea freight.
S.F. Store Special Offer Ends on 31/3.

Buyandship’s selected S.F. Stores are located throughout Hong Kong. Customers can choose the suitable SF store at our Self-Pickup Points  ,  please consolidate orders and pick up parcels as soon as possible.

The self-pickup price for S.F. Store is adjusted as follows:

Previous Price Adjusted Price
 $29/lb. $25/lb.

*Parcels can be stored in S.F. Store for 3 days

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