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Latest Updates on Buyandship Oversea Warehouses


1. Italy / UK / Australia

The operation is normal and had not been affected for the time being.

2. Korea

Korea Post Office prohibits sending and receiving China shipments. Hong Kong’s is not affected.

3. Taiwan

Masks are prohibited from being exported. Other non-embargoed products are not affected.

4. China

Actively consider continuing to suspend China’s transshipment services.

5. United States

All shipments arrived last week had been checked-in. However, due to the surge in Air Cargo shipments in the States, it is now expected to take 7-10 working days from US warehouse checking-out to HK warehouse.

6. Thailand

Due to the official implementation of mask export restrictions by the Thailand Government, mask products have been announced as prohibited items for Thailand warehouse on the website yesterday. Please do not shop from Thailand’s online stores. At the same time, the Thailand warehouse will temporarily suspend the transshipment service until further notice.

The shipment arrangement in Thailand is as follows:

➡️ Orders have been placed: please contact the seller to cancel the order as soon as possible.
➡️ Shipments being shipped to the warehouse: our warehouse will reject all shipments including masks, please request a refund from the seller by yourself.
➡️ Shipments have arrived in Thailand warehouse: we are currently finding a better way to handle these shipments and will announce the arrangement as soon as possible.

7. Japan

Unfortunately, our warehouse in Japan is overloaded now. Tens of thousands of people ordering masks from Japan at the same time because of the coronavirus outbreak. We’ve been actively processing a large number of shipments, and 12,000 parcels have been sent in the past few days.
We have been actively seeking ways to solve the parcels temporarily stored in the courier company, so don’t be worried if you received “unsuccessful delivery notice”, those parcels are only temporarily stored and will be processed soon.
Moreover, due to the insufficient seats of Japanese flight, shipments may not arrive in Hong Kong as quickly as before, and we hope users can wait patiently. We would like to remind our users again that please try not to use the Japan transshipment service during this time.