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Fight the deadly virus! $20 Subsidy For Surgical Masks


“Prevention is better than cure” is always true. Under the outbreak of Wuhan virus, long queue was found in local pharmacy even price was raised by tremendously. To let all of you buying surgical masks in a reasonable price at online stores around the world, Buyandship is going to launch $20 subsidy for the purchase of surgical masks. Let’s stay strong and fight the deadly virus together!
P.s. We recommend you not to purchase from Taiwan as there’s control of export of surgical mask until 24 February.

Fight the deadly virus! $20 Subsidy For Surgical Masks

From 15/1/2020 to 6/2/2020, when you buy surgical masks and declare the product correctly, you will automatically receive $20 shipping subsidy. Many of our members have already bought surgical masks from Taiwan, Japan and US with the transhipment service by Buyandship! Buying from oversea can be a solution sometimes!

For those who bought surgical mask and declared with below keywords within 15/1 – 24/1, the subsidy will also be given. If you didn’t declare the product name as one of the below 4 items in you previous order, you may fill in the form and upload the proof. We will handle the case accordingly. Every member is entitled for the subsidy once, so you only need to fill in the form once. If you declare your products on or after 25/1, please don’t fill in the form and follow below declare process.

Declare Process

When declaring the parcel, please make sure you fill in ‘口罩’,’mask’,’masks’ or ‘マスク’ wordings in the ‘Product Name’ field to enjoy this rebate offer.

Press to declare

‘Product Name’ field only accepts “口罩”, “mask”, “masks or “マスク” wordings.

Terms and conditions:

    1. Campaign period:From 15/1/2020 to 6/2/2020,
    2. Customers need to purchase and correctly declare the mask products, and complete the shipment order by 29/2 in order to enjoy the offer,
    3. The subsidy would be given base on the time of declaration but not time of shipment order creation or finish time of the order,
    4. Parcel contains surgical mask must weigh at least 1 pound, counting on one tracking code only,
    5. Related gift points will be granted to members’ account between 2/3 to 14/3,
    6. Rebate will be grant to member’s account in form of gift point (each credit is relative to HK$1), points can be used in next order,
    7. Parcels from Chinese warehouse is not included in this campaign,
    8. The points earned through this offer will expire after 30 days,
    9. Every member can only enjoy the offer once,
    10. Points will not given out if actual item found in the parcel is different from declaration,
    11. In case of any dispute, Buyandship reserves the right to make the final decision.