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5th Anniversary – Final Reward: Buy What You Want Lottery


Here is the FINAL reward of Buyandship 5th anniversary campaign! The last one is the best! Are you hesitating to buy something you want? No need anymore! Buyandship will buy what you want for you! Follow the few steps to participate in the promotion, and the winner could be you!

5 Steps to participate in the promotion

Step 1
Ship parcels with Buyandship and complete 1 or more orders within 1st December, 2019 to 21st December, 2019, and complete at least 1 order (Orders are no limited to single shipment or bulk shipment) within 22nd December, 2019 to 11th January, 2020.

Here are examples of eligibility!

✔️ELIGIBLE orders:

1st Dec, 2019 – 21st Dec, 2019 22nd Dec, 2019 – 11th Jan, 2020

1 or more orders

1 or more orders


1st Dec, 2019 – 21st Dec, 2019 22nd Dec, 2019 – 11th Jan, 2020

3 or more orders

0 order

Step 2

Like “Buyandship Hong Kong” Facebook Fan Page

Step 3

Follow “buyandship.hk” Instagram Account

Step 4
Join”Buyandship 網購著數交流區” Facebook Group

Step 5
Fill in Dedicated sheet and provide relevant information


Black Friday Best Deals: http://bit.ly/33bWFCQ

Terms & conditions :

  1. The event starts on December 1, 2019 and ends on January 11, 2020 11:59 PM;
  2. Users who complete the following steps are qualified to participate in the lottery;
  3. Buyandship will screen out eligible users and draw prizes on January 20, 2020;
  4. The winning results will be announced on Buyandship Hong Kong Facebook page on January 30, 2020, and will be published in Apple Daily and South China Morning Post;
  5. Buyandship will contact and inform the winner of the details within 1 week after the announcement of the winning result based on the contact number or email address provided by participants. If the information is incorrect and the winner can’t be notified, Buyandship reserves the right to redistribute the unclaimed prize to other participants;
  6. The value of the prize includes the price of the overseas product and the shipping fee delivered from overseas warehouse to Hong Kong. If the selected product and the total shipping cost are lower than the price of the prize, no compensation will be paid; if the total value exceeds the price of the prize, the participant will need to pay the difference when picking up the prize;
  7. Winners cannot select prohibited products or the participant/winner will be disqualified. Prohibited Articles Catalog: https://www.buyandship.today/en/shipment/restrictions/
  8. If the online shop which the winner selects the product does not accept overseas payment or cannot transfer to our warehouse, or the selected product exceeds the shipment restriction, Buyandship will contact the winner to select the product again. Shipment restriction details: https://www.buyandship.today/en/pricing/
  9. The delivery time of each overseas online store is different, so the actual arrived date can’t be determined. We will notify you to pick up the prize once it arrives at the Hong Kong warehouse;
  10. Winners must go to the Buyandship Kwai Fong Office to receive the awards in person or by authorized representative within 90 days of notification; if the winners or their authorized representatives fail to collect the prize within the specified time, it will be regarded as abandonment;
  11. Prizes for this event cannot be redeemed for other prizes, points or cash;
  12. This event is only open to Hong Kong Buyandship members;
  13. Regardless of the number of transhipment orders, each person has only one chance to participate;
  14. Each participant is only allowed to win the prize once;
  15. All prizes of this offer cannot be returned once they have been sent out;
  16. The Client understands that all event prizes are not products of the Company. The Company is not responsible for the safety, suitability, quality and performance of the redemption of gifts, nor will it provide after-sales and maintenance services for any prizes;
  17. Trade Promotion Competition Licence: 52763;
  18. In case of any dispute, Buyandship reserves the right to make the final decision.