Super Delivery | Most Popular Items of the Month

SUPER DELIVERY is Japan’s largest wholesale website with 1,300 suppliers and more than 760,000 trendy items. You can shop for popular fashion items, interior decoration, and daily groceries in Japan 24/7. As long as you are a member, you can purchase all kinds of Japanese daily necessities, electrical appliances, clothing, food, etc. at a wholesale price of 40-60% compared to the retail price. Find the most popular items of the last month below. Simply click the title to be forwarded to the item.

Lifestyle product-Toy’s Story Storage Box

This storage box is very popular among children and their parents, because not only is it very functional, useful for storage, it also shows the main characters of the popular Toy Storys as a print! The dimensions are 390×255×185mm,and 390×255×55mm when folded and it can store around 10kg.

Tableware-Winnie The Pooh Water Bottle

This cute Winnie The Pooh Drinking Bottle, with a pop up drinking straw, which is fun for children to drink and will make them drinks loads of water throughout the day! The capacity of this bottle is 350ml。

Stationary- Uni-Ball Pens

Gel ink ballpoint pens with Disney cartoons? ~Everybody needs pens plus they make a great little gift!


Toys-Disney Watches

The litte Disney watches for children flashes red, blue and green colours and is definitly a high-end toy for children. Note: The battery in the watch cannot be replaced.


Bathroom Supplies-Natural Soap

This soap is made of natural oils and fats and are made of non-pesticide in Kumamoto Prefecture, and is extra moisturizing for the skin.

Women’s Clothing — Hemp Skirts

This stylish skirt has been super popular in the month of September, easy to style and flattering on every body shape. They also offer Hemp T-shirts!

Baby Products — Disney Portable Placemats

Every parent knows the importance of placemats! That’s why the lighter and portable, the better! This portable placemat spreads out to a 40 x 36 cm large mat, and when folded, it;s only 8 x 12 cm, perfect to fit in every bag!

Shoes — Super Comfy Japanese Sandals

These sandals are made in Japan, very comfortable due to their soft soles and they look cute too! Choose from 6 different colors and patterns such as stripes and waves!

Bags — Foldable Shopping Bags

For the sake of environmental protection, we will all try our best to stop using single-use plastic. How about getting this foldable shopping bag, which is large enough to fit all your daily purchases and very small and handy, when folding together! You can easily store it in your handbag when you don’t use it, and always carry it with you!

Accessories — Champion Beanie

The best thing in cold weather is having a snuggly beanie to protect your head and your ears from the cold. This stylish one by Champion comes in six colors and you will not want to take it off all winter!