Alfred Smart Locker Reduced To HK$22 Per Pound

Starting now, shipments from the US, UK, Japan and South Korea, which will be picked-up at Alfred Smart Lockers are reduced to only HK$22 per pound!

Other pick-up locations will not change any cost, check details for pricing HERE

Now we offer 60 Alfred Smart Lockers for customers to choose from, without any extra charges.

Payments by credit card are free of charge.

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Terms and Conditions:
• Effective from 12:00 am on June 20, 2018 (all shipments consolidated before this date will be calculated on old charges).
• Limited to US, UK, Japan and South Korea shipments.
• The customer will be notified by SMS when parcel is available for collection.
• Does not apply to “Single shipments”.
• “Consolidated shipments” / “Bulk Shipments” will be dispatched to your selected pick-up box 1-3 working days after receiving your order.
• The only accepted payment method is by credit card, but no commission.
• Shipments can be stored 3 days free of charge at the eLink. After 3 days, they will be returned to Kwai Fong’s pick-up point and must be collected within 7 days. After returning, it will not be sent to any pick-up locker, pick-up point, or arranged delivery. It can only be picked up from our pick-up point at Kwai Fong.