BuyandShip New Users! Need Some Help with the Registration Process?

BuyandShip offers many amazing Mother’s Day Deals! One of them lets every newly registered member receive HK$38 shipping credits on their BuyandShip Account!

But you still have many questions and don’t even know where to begin? Just follow this tutorial, it will help you understand the registration process and
how to redeem your credit points!

If you want to buy products up to 50% cheaper than in store, we highly recommend you to online shop with us!
But first you need to register as a BuyandShip member in the upper right corner, or here

You can register by using your Facebook or Google Account.

After completing the registration process, you can go to “My Account” and choose an overseas warehouse address, that you can use while online-shopping on overseas websites, and voilà ! You can start to shop online worldwide!!!

When you have chosen your items in any online shop, simply fill in our overseas warehouse address as the Delivery Address! And fill your Buyandship User ID as your name! Two very easy, but very important steps!

After you have finished the checkout, the online shop will send you a Tracking No. via email. Go back to your BuyandShip Account and use the tracking number to declare your parcel under “Parcel Management” and then “Click Here to add a new shipment” (the blue button)

Then simply fill out the blank spaces below to declare the shipment,then pick the Shipment Type and that’s it!

Some Users may not know the difference between “Single Shipment” and “Bulk Shipment” yet! Let us explain this to you:

If you only buy at one online shop, you can choose the option “Single Shipment” and choose a pick-up location. Once the shipment arrives at our Hong Kong warehouse, it will automatically be sent to your pick-up location.

You will receive an email notification when the shipment is ready to be picked up. Please note: With the “Single Shipment” option you can only choose to pick up your parcels from BuyandShip directly or from our eLINK redemption locations, and the points will automatically be deducted from your BuyandShip Account to cover the shipping charges.

If you select “Bulk Shipment”, you will receive an email notification once the shipment arrives at our Hong Kong warehouse. With “Bulk Shipment” you can collect multiple shipments and then choose one pick-up point for all of them, even if the shipments are from different countries! (Due to different charges, the combined shipments are restricted to US, UK, Japan, and Korean shipments)
Furthermore you can save money, buy bundling your parcels together.

For example: If shipment A weighs 1.2 pounds and shipment B weighs 1.8 pounds and you choose to pick them up separately, you will be charged 4 pounds. If you pick them up together, 1.2 + 1.8 = 3 pounds, you will only be charged 3 pounds!

However, “Bulk Shipment” is applicable to ALL our pick-up points, so even if you are only buying one parcel, but want to choose the eLink locker pick-up or a third-party pick-up point, you can still choose the “Bulk Shipment” option.

We have more than 100 pick-up locations to choose from! No matter if you live in New Territories, Kowloon, or on Hong Kong Island, we have one close by! Pick-up locations: CLICK HERE

It’s easy to use BuyandShip for your shipments! The United States, United Kingdom, Japan and Korea transfer as low as HK$22 one pound, Taiwan transfer as low as HK$12 one pound, and if you register until the 4th of May, you will receive 38 points of credits on your Buyandship Account, which are equivalent to HK$38 shipping! So pretty much 3 lbs worth of orders from Taiwan shipped for free!