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Free Shopping Protection
Buyandship Shopping Protection
Protection Overview
  • Applicable to all products purchased on Buyandship, i.e. products purchased via Buyforyou service and Express Checkout.
  • Some products may be shipped in separate shipments, and the shopping protection is associated with the shipment's tracking number.
  • Compensation
    • All compensation for the product’s price and Buyforyou's service fees will be refunded, either to the credit card used for the purchase or to the designated bank account of the user
    • Parcels loss: The amount of compensation will be based on the product’s price, which shall be the actual amount paid at checkout, and Buyforyou’s service fee.
    • Damaged parcels: The compensation will be based on the product’s price, which shall be the amount paid at checkout. Buyforyou's service fee is non-refundable.
    • The compensation of the delivery fee will be refunded into the corresponding member’s account in the form of Buyandship credits, which can be used within one year
  • No return or exchange services will be provided for all purchases.
  • All protection of an order shall be effective upon the completion of the order.
  • We will reply within 7 days after the member provides all the necessary documents, and we will inform the member about the refund arrangement via email.
  • For the details of the plan, please refer to “Excluded from Coverage”, “How to Make a Claim” and the information below.
  • Applicable to parcel loss and damaged parcels
  • If the entire parcel is lost, in the case of all items with the same tracking number, Buyandship shall compensate for the product price of the entire parcel and the Buyforyou service fee.
  • In case of a partial loss, only some of the items with the same tracking number have been lost, Buyandship will investigate upon receiving the claim, and the amount of compensation for the product price and the service fee will be based on the investigation result.
  • If the parcel contents cannot function properly, Buyandship will investigate upon receiving the claim, and compensation will be based on the investigation's result.

Excluded from Coverage
Condition of Parcels
  • Dangerous goods and prohibited items
  • Parcels containing liquids
  • Fragile goods and goods that lack appropriate protection, including ceramics, glasses, liquid crystal displays (LCDs), books, paper products, plastic products, etc.
  • Parcels with improper packaging or lacking in appropriate protection
  • Goods contained in parcels with intact packaging
  • Distorted, demolished, or damaged outer packaging where there is no actual damage to the contents
  • Parcels packed without a carton box, wooden box or sealed packaging
Natural Disasters
  • Any parcel losses or damages due to natural disasters, such as
    • Natural deterioration or losses
    • Bad weather, lightning, tsunamis, earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters during transportation
    • Any temperature or humidity changes
    • Natural disasters that include, but are not limited to, earthquakes, tornadoes, storms, floods, fires, plagues, fog, snow, frost, or geological disasters
Unforeseen Circumstances
  • Negligence of or actions taken by any customs agency, carrier company, or government officials, such as customs returns, flight delays, etc.
  • Suspicious or fraudulent websites, or any inability to contact the sellers
  • Parcels that lack a valid signature by a receiver at a Buyandship warehouse, or that lack certified proof of delivery by the responsible overseas courier to our overseas warehouse
  • Parcels lost due to the fault of the sender (e.g. providing invalid/fake documentation)
  • Parcels with contents that have passed their shelf life, warranty period, or other time-sensitive conditions due to customs clearance
  • Losses due to fluctuations in market prices
  • Any transportation accidents, invasions, insurrections, strikes, or other regional disputes, such as civil disturbances, terrorist attacks, or war
  • Radioactive contamination
  • Government sanctions
  • Any temporary prohibitions or restrictions on exporting or importing goods imposed on any of Buyandship’s export or service regions
Claims Process for Orders via Buyforyou / Express Checkout
Precautions for Receiving Your Parcel
  • Check if the parcel’s packaging is intact and that there is not a significant difference between expected and actual weight
  • No matter the condition of the outer packaging, inspect the parcel first in the presence of the courier or any relevant staff before signing the courier’s delivery receipt.
  • If the parcel or its contents are found to be damaged, please prepare the following documents and keep all the packaging and contents of the parcels until the investigation is completed.
    • Buyforyou request no.
    • Photographs of the packaging of the parcel
    • Photographs of the contents of the parcel
  • If the parcel or its contents are found to be damaged, you reserve the right to refuse to sign any documents from the courier and to take photographs of the parcel immediately.
How to Make a Claims
  • Members must file a claim within 7 days of receiving the parcel. Late applications will not be considered.
  • Please send the documents below to support@buyandship.today, with “Claim Application: Request No. (Member ID)” in the email subject
    • Buyforyou request no.
    • Simple description of the reasons for the claim on your parcel (e.g. entire / partial loss of the parcel or the parcel was damaged)
    • Photographs of the damaged parcel (if any) / contents of the parcel
    • Buyandship reserves the right to request members to provide more information as needed
  • Buyandship reserves the right to refuse a claim if any above-mentioned documents are lacking or if we are not able to confirm the necessary details.
  • We will reply within 7 days after the member provides all the necessary documents, and we will inform the member about the refund arrangement via email
  • In case of any dispute, the decision of Buyandship shall be final.