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Buyandship x WeWa Privileges Promotion ! Enjoy 10% Cash Rebate on Shipping Fee


Enjoy the following offers throughout the promotion period to save extra on shipping when you shop online from overseas!

Buyandship x WeWa Privilege Promotion Details

Promotion and Registration Period: 9 January 2024 – 31 March 2024

Enjoy the following offers with EarnMORE or WeWa Credit Card issued by PrimeCredit Limited at Buyandship website:

Offer 1
Enjoy 10% cash rebate by registration at OmyCard Mobile Application (“Mobile Application”) and upon settling shipping fee at Buyandship website (www.buyandship.today) or pick-up points#. Maximum entitle to HK$100 cash rebate per month.

Some Buyandship pick-up points only accept cash or Octopus as the payment method. For information on the accepted payment methods of each Buyandship redemption centres, please visit the “Self-pickup Location” page.

Offer 2
Enroll new membership and input promotion code “WEWA” upon registration at Buyandship website (www.buyandship.today), to receive HK$38 Buyandship credit.

Apple Now: https://bit.ly/4aEFY6V

“Buyandship x WeWa Spending Promotion” Terms and Conditions

  1. “Buyandship x WeWa Spending Promotion” (“Promotion”) is only applicable to cardholders with valid EarnMORE Credit Card or WeWa Credit Card (“Eligible Credit Card”) issued by PrimeCredit Limited(“PCL”) in Hong Kong (“Cardholders”). 
  2. Promotion period of the Promotion is from 9 January 2024 to 31 March 2024 (both dates inclusive)(“Promotion Period”). 
  3. In order to enjoy the Offer 1 of the Promotion, Cardholders must register at OmyCard mobile application(“Mobile Application”) and conduct Eligible Transactions with their Eligible Credit Card at website(www.buyandship.today) or pick-up points of Buyandship (“Buyandship”)  (“Buyandship Platform”)  within the Promotion Period. Cardholders only need to register once at Mobile Application within the PromotionPeriod even Cardholders have more than one valid Eligible Credit Cards. 
  4. During the Promotion Period, Cardholders are entitled to receive credit card 10% cash rebate  (“CashRebate”) of the Eligible Transactions upon settling shipping fee with any of their Eligible Credit Cards at Buyandship Platform (“Eligible Transactions”) (“Offer 1”).   
  5. During the Promotion Period, the maximum amount of Cash Rebate for Offer 1 is HK$100 per calendar month per Cardholder.  
  6. During the Promotion Period, Cardholders can receive $38 Buyandship credit  (“Buyandship Credit”)  by enrolling as new member of Buyandship and inputting the promotion code “WEWA” during registration (“Offer 2”).  
  7. Every $1 Buyandship Credit equals to HK$1 to be used on the Buyandship website, and can only be used for deducting the shipping fee.  
  8. The promotion code of Offer 2 is of limited quota and available on a first come first served basis while quota lasts. 
  9. The Buyandship Credit will be credited to the Buyandship member’s account once the member is successfully enrolled. The validity of Buyandship Credit of Offer 2 is 90 days upon the date of crediting into the member’s account. The Buyandship Credit will be invalid when expired and shall not be re-issued.  
  10. Buyandship and PCL are not liable if Cardholder failed to input a valid promotion code when registering the new membership or result in forfeiture of the eligibility to the Offer 2. 
  11. All Buyandship Credit are not allowed to transfer to other member’s accounts and not able to exchange for cash.  
  12. The Cash Rebate that Cardholders are entitled in Offer 1 wil be credited to the relevant Eligible Credit Card accounts on or before 30 June 2024. Upon crediting the Cash Rebate, the Eligible Credit Card accounts must be valid and in good financial standing. The Cash Rebate is non-transferable, non-exchangeable, non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash. 
  13. All Eligible Transactions entitled to the Cash Rebate under Offer 1 must be made during Promotion Period and be posted on or before the first 7 days of the next calendar month. 
  14. Cardholders are required to keep the relevant official payment records of all Eligible Transactions. Incase of any disputes, PCL reserves the right to request Cardholders to present the relevant supporting documents or proofs of the Eligible Transactions for further verification. 
  15. All returned or cancelled Eligible Transactions will not entitle to relevant Cash Rebate in Offer 1. If theEligible Transactions used to calculate the Cash Rebate is returned or cancelled after the Cash Rebate has been credited to the relevant eligible credit card account, PCL reserves the right to debit the relevant Cash Rebate from the relevant credit card account(s) without prior notice. 
  16. PCL and Buyandship reserve the right to cancel the Promotion and/or amend the Promotion or the relevant terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event of any disputes, the decision of PCL and Buyandship reserve the right of final decision. 
  17. Cardholders understand and accept that if the products, and/or services are not provided by PCL, PCL accepts no responsibility whatsoever in connection with such products and/or services. All liabilities for any matters relating to those products and/or services (including but without limitation to their quality and supply) are borne by Buyandship and/or relevant manufacturer. 
  18. No person other than the Cardholders and PCL will have any rights under the Contracts (Rights of ThirdParties) Ordinance (Cap. 623, the Laws of Hong Kong) to enforce or to enjoy the benefit of any term under these terms and conditions. 
  19. All offers under the Promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers ofBuyandship. 
  20. Should there be any inconsistency between the English and Chinese version, the English version shall prevail.