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Buyandship Facebook Community for Sharing Online Shopping Tips and Deals Information


In addition to having a Facebook page to share overseas online shopping information, Buyandship also has a Facebook group called “Buyandship Facebook Community” for members to share and exchange any of their online shopping experience! Many members have been attracted by the loot shared by tens of thousands of our members everyday since joining the Facebook group.

Share Your Purchases

Members of the community often share products with a huge price difference between overseas and Hong Kong and Macau, which has drove waves of online shopping trends, such as the super popular Nagoya shrimp crackers and Italian Venchi chocolate. When you’re unsure what to buy online from overseas, look at the posts shared by members to know what’s worth to buy!

Exchange Online Shopping Experiences

Some overseas websites may require special tips or tricks to successfully place an order. Shopping for your favorite brand online but don’t know how to place an order? Or failed after repeated attempts? Go to our Facebook group and look at the experience and tips shared by other members!

【Exclusive Rewards for Community Members】

In addition, the Facebook community also has an exclusive reward credits activity, earning credits can be used to offset the shipping cost of the next online purchase*.

Online shopping to share loot, as long as the post meets the 5 requirements, you can get 15 credits reward.

Posting requirements: Introduce the product name, link, price and price difference, and don’t forget to include your order number and photo of your unboxing! Share monthly and earn credits every month!