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Buyandship Credits


Buyandship credits can be used to offset shipping costs (1 credit equals HKD 1). If the credits are not enough to cover the full shipping cost, the difference still needs to be made up at the time of payment.

If you choose to combine shipping, the credits purchased before the establishment of the order can be used to deduct the freight of the shipment.

If you choose automatic forwarding, we recommend purchasing credits in advance before the shipment is shipped overseas. After the shipment arrives at the Hong Kong warehouse, an order will be automatically created, and the currently available credits will be automatically deducted to offset the shipping fee.

How to Earn Credits?

Currently Buyandship has 4 ways to earn credits:

Method 1】Earn Credits Through Declaration

During the use of US, UK, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Canada and Italy transshipment services (China transshipment will not receive any rebate):

  1. Log in to the Member Center
  2. Go to「Shipment Declaration」page
  3. Fill in a valid product URL when declaring a shipment (we will check the authenticity of the product URL, if you fill in an invalid or wrong URL, you will not be able to get credits rebate)
  4. Before submitting the information, you must tick “Allow Buyandship to use my shipment information” (if there are multiple products in the shipment, you can fill in more than one URL) and complete all the above steps, the member can get credits rebate, every time you pay you will get 1 credit rebate per pound of shipping (eg 10 credits for a shipment with a “charged weight” of 10 pounds).


After completing all of the above steps, the member will receive a credit rebate, 1 credit for every 1 pound of shipping charges paid (for example, a shipment with a “charged weight” of 10 pounds will earn 10 credits). When the order is completed, the corresponding credits will be credited to the member’s account within 4-7 days after the pickup. Each credit can be used as a shipping fee of $1 in the future. There is a 90-day use period, and all credits cannot be exchanged in cash.

【Method 2】Facebook Group:Unboxing for Rewards

Join Buyandship’s Facebook Group「Buyandship Facebook Community」plus exclusive credits rewards events, earn 15 credits every month which can be used to offset the shipping cost of your next online purchase!

Share your review on your online shopping experience. As long as the post meets 5 requirements: introduce the product name, link, price and price difference, and don’t forget to attach your unboxing photo and order number!

【Method 3】Buyaholic Sharing Platform

Buyandship’s website and mobile app also provide a platform called Buyaholic, which allows users to easily share their overseas online shopping experience. Earn Buyaholic points to redeem for Buyandship credits by sharing your unboxing moments and interacting with other members!

  1. Create a Buyaholic profile: 1000 points
  2. Create a new post: 240 points
  3. Post likes: 10 points (Maximum per post: 1000 points)
  4. Posts are bookmarked: 10 points (Maximum per post: 1000 points)

Repeated likes or favourites by the same person in each post will only be counted once.

Every 120 Buyaholic points will be exchanged for 1 Buyandship point (120 points = 1 point)

【Method 4】Top Up Your credits

By topping up and store your credits, you can get additional credits rebate. The higher the stored value, the more credits will be rebated to you. For frequent Buyandship users, stored value credits are the best way to save money.