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Enjoy the taste of London at home with British tea brand Whittard of Chelsea~


Whittard of Chelsea, a century-old chain tea brand from the United Kingdom, is one of the four famous tea brands in the world! Over the years, the brand has adhered to the concept of “strictly selecting the highest quality materials” to create a variety of British blended teas. In addition to tea leaves and tea bags, the coffee powder and chocolate powder produced by Whittard are also popular products. Their tea and powder packaging are also gorgeous, with bright colours and simple lines. In the past, everyone went to London Will definitely buy their gift boxes as gifts, and now you can buy exquisite Whittard products without leaving home~

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Tea Discoveries English Rose Tea Caddy  100g

English rose tea tea leaves, with Chinese black tea as the base note, add the taste of classic Meigui Congo rose tea, so the black tea exudes a subtle floral aroma. The sweet, aromatic and romantic scent of roses reverberates between the lips and teeth with the mellow flavour of the tea fragrance, sipping sweetly and warmly.
Price of Hong Kong Purchasing Agent (for reference only): HKD238


English Breakfast Teabags  25pcs

Classic flavour, the taste is more solid and complete, and the flavour is slightly stronger. It is mixed with teas with distinct flavours, such as Assam and Kenya, with the unique malt aroma of Assam black tea. It is suitable for a traditional British breakfast with rich flavours and helps reduce oiliness.
Price of Hong Kong Purchasing Agent (for reference only): HKD79


The Afternoon Tea Collection

There are 4 types of tea leaves, including English breakfast tea 50g, English rose tea, English earl grey tea, mango bergamot green tea 40g each, and it comes with a silver-plated tea maker, which is more convenient for brewing tea.
Price of Hong Kong Purchasing Agent (for reference only): HKD617


Luxury Hot Chocolate  350g

In addition to teas, Whittard’s hot cocoa range is also a hot sale! This most classic hot chocolate, with a silky and rich taste, allows you to experience the most luxurious chocolate taste in every bite. It tastes great when brewed with hot milk or hot cream.
Price of Hong Kong Purchasing Agent (for reference only): HKD120


Salted Caramel Flavour Hot Chocolate  350g

The classic flavour most loved by Europeans, the salty fragrance neutralizes the sweetness of caramel chocolate. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
Price of Hong Kong Purchasing Agent (for reference only): HKD125



Note: Commodity prices, quantities, etc. may change due to sales, all of which shall prevail on their website.


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