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【Limited-time Offer】Shop at Carter’s US and get free shipping at Buyandship!

Good news to parents who are Buyandship members! We’ve got a limited-time offer to provide rebate credits when you shop at Carter’s!

Carter’s is the largest children’s clothing brand in the US, with over a century of history. Carter’s product is value for money, making them famous and become the leading brand in the US. Shop at Carter’s, and use Buyandship to ship your orders for FREE!

For example, if your purchase at Carter’s weighed 3.4lbs, you will be charged 4lbs and get a 4lbs Buyandship credits rebate (equivalent to HKD88). The rebate credits will be deposited into your account automatically. Every credit is equal to HKD1 and can be used to pay the delivery fee next time. Let’s see how to participate now!

*The basic delivery fee (which only applies to self-pick-up at the Buyandship redemption center) is charged HKD22 for each lb. If you wish to use other delivery methods (e.g., S.F. or Commercial Area Delivery), you can only get rebate credits calculated with the basic delivery fee.

【How to participate?】

Duration: Now until 31/05/2022

Step 1: Visit Carter’s via the designated portal below

You have to shop at Carter’s via the portal below (or the links in the Buyandship blog post), or else you’re not eligible for the rebate offer. 

Step 2: Declare your shipment

After Carter’s ships your product, you have to declare your shipment on or before 31/05/2022 on the Buyandship website. Please ensure the shipment detail is correct, or you are not eligible to gain the offer.

  • Product name (*Have to add “Carter’s” at the beginning)
  • Product hyperlink (*Have to be a direct link to relevant Carter’s product, not the main page of Carter’s)

Step 3: Credits to be deposited automatically

After you finish Step 1 or Step 2, we will check if the information you provided is valid or not. Also, we will check if the products came from Carter’s manually after the items arrive Hong Kong warehouse. Therefore, please don’t declare items carelessly. If all the procedure is correct, we will deposit the credit rebate into your account before 30/06/2022.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. “Shop at Carter US and get free shipping at Buyandship” (“the offer”) only applies to Buyandship members who purchased at Carter’s.
  2. The duration of the offer starts from 13/05/2022 to 31/5/2022 (both days inclusive)(“the promotion period”).
  3. Members have to shop at Carter’s via the portal used in the Buyandship blog post, or you will not be eligible to gain the offer.
  4. You must fill in the item details and direct hyperlink to Carter’s items (not the main page of Carter’s) correctly during declaration, or you will not be eligible to gain the offer.
  5. The offer will be claimed in the form of a credit rebate.
  6. The offer is only applicable to the Buyandship delivery fee for shopping at Carter’s ( local delivery fee in the US will not be included). The basic delivery fee of Buyandship is charged HKD22 for each lb. If the order consists of items from other brands (which don’t originate from Carter’s), you can only earn the credit rebate calculated based on the weight of Carter’s items included.
  7. Every Buyandship member is allowed to participate once during the promotion period.
  8. Credits will be rebated into the relevant Buyandship account before 30/06/2022, and credits will be valid for 90 days.
  9. Credits rebated can be used to offset the delivery fee for the next orders (every credit is equal to HKD1).
  10. All credit cannot be transferred to other members and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  11. Buyandship shall have the right to make the final decision on the offer, and reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice.