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Warehouse & Redemption Services: Holidays Closure in April


Some of our warehouses and Buyandship Redemption Centres will close for a few days in April because of the Easter holidays. Please note that our warehouses will not receive or send out parcels, nor will our warehouses update any shipment status during the closure.

The special service arrangements of our warehouses are as follows.


Warehouse Holiday Arrangements
Thailand Closure: From Apr 13th (WED) to 17th (SUN)
Indonesia Closure: Apr 15th (FRI)
U.S., Canada, Italy Closure: From Apr 15th (FRI) to 18th (MON)
U.K. Closure: From Apr 15th (FRI) to 18th (MON)
(Before the closure) Last sending date: Apr 14th (THU)
(After the closure) First sending date: Apr 20th (WED)
Australia Closure: From Apr 15th (FRI) to 18th (MON) & Apr 25th (MON)
Taiwan, Japan, Korea Operate as usual


Please note that all Buyandship Redemption Centre will be closed from Apr 15th (FRI) to 18th (MON).

Thank you for choosing Buyandship.