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Adjustment of charges for shipment services in Korea, Italy, and the UK


Due to the recent surge in air freight demand from South Korea to Hong Kong, the shortage in capacity led to a sharp rise in the cost of air freight. Plus, we’ve been informed by the air freight company of a surcharge starting immediately. But we want to be fair and wait for all the recent Korean parcels to arrive in Hong Kong. We will adjust the price starting 28 March, and all shipments from Korea to Hong Kong will increase by $5 per pound until further notice.

In addition, due to the current international situation, all Russian airlines have ceased all their flight and led to higher air freight costs for Euro-Asia air routes. We will also adjust the price starting 11 April and add $5 per pound for all shipments from the UK and Italy to Hong Kong until further notice.

If you choose to consolidate your shipments from different countries/regions, payment will be charged, whichever is higher. Therefore, it is recommended that the parcels are shipped from Korea, Italy, and the UK separately with parcels from other places. If you use “single shipment,” the charge will be calculated on the day of out of the warehouse.

Charges for other countries and regions are not affected. We will constantly review air freight capacity availability and return to the original charges after balancing the cost.