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Buyandship’s Affordable Cross Border Logistics Solution Serves as Springboard for Start-ups




Buyandship started as a pleasing logistic solution for online shoppers, and now we are more than that. Statistics show about 1,000 members have regularly shipped many top-rated and high-quality products directly to Hong Kong from overseas suppliers. Most are owners of various businesses such as overseas purchasing agents, baking shops and atelier studios. Buyandship’s cross-border logistics service not only facilitates retails but also business owners with the global vision who have now found their way to grow by using our service.

Being able to help Hongkongers to pursue their dreams and set up a new business is encouraging for us. Buyandship organized a writing competition about start-up stories in July to promote this entrepreneurship spirit and attracted 52 entries. The majority of them had used our service to facilitate their newly founded businesses.

One of the winners, Wanyi Lam, a former video editor of a TV channel, extends her passion for US vintage shoes to a business by using Buyandship’s parcel forwarding service. Starting as an online shop, she now owns a physical store shortly after six months of operation. This promising result supports her to quit her job and focus on this new career. “Besides the affordable service, Buyandship’s self-pickup stores are conveniently located at every district. I can always find one near me. This provides great flexibility for my operation, and it helped with the rapid growth. Thanks, Buyandship,” Wanyi mentioned.

Another entrepreneur, Alice Hui, set up her atelier studio in 2019. While she believes good tools are essential in creating the craft, high-quality Japanese painting tools in Hong Kong are usually unreasonably overpriced. She later found Buyandship’s affordable shipping service to import those tools on her own. She added, “Buyandship significantly reduced the cost of my studio. Now I can offer the best tools I handpicked to my students, and this has become one of my cutting edges.”

Other than that, there are more entries from various business owners, such as game card collectors, dietary supplement sellers, and overseas purchasing agents, whose start-up stories with Buyandship are equally encouraging.

In addition, the company organized a bazaar for start-ups on August 21&22 at D2 Place TWO for Buyandship’s members to reach potential customers. Most of the booths were selling handpicked items purchased worldwide and shipped by our parcel forwarding service. This bazaar turns out to be a great success with more than 8,000 visitors.

Seeing all these new business initiatives generated from Buyandship’s logistic service has been encouraging. Their passion inspired us and has become our drive to grow further to meet customers’ business needs. Soon, Buyandship will hold these kinds of bazaars or campaigns continuously to support and maintain a long-term relationship with more and more local business owners.