(Updated on May 5)【Notice】Warehouse & Redemption Centre: Holiday Closure in May

Warehouse & Redemption Centre: Holiday Closure in May

Please be mindful that our overseas warehouses will be closed on the local public holidays in May. Our warehouses will not receive or send out parcels, nor will our warehouses update any shipment status during the closure.

Please also note that all Buyandship Redemption Centres will be closed on May 1st and May 19th.

Our Taiwan warehouse will be operated as usual in May. Details of the holiday closure of other warehouses are as follows.

Warehouse Closure
Italy May 1st (SAT)
Japan May 1st – 4th
(SAT to TUE)
China May 1st – 5th
(SAT to WED)
May 3rd (MON) &
May 31st (MON)
May 3rd (MON),
May 4th (TUE) &
May 26th (WED)
Korea May 5th (WED) &
May 19th (WED)
May 11th – 14th
(TUE to FRI) &
May 26th (WED)
Canada May 24th (MON)

Thank you for supporting Buyandship. Happy Holidays!