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【Service Announcement】Adjustment to Expiry Date of Reward Credits


Adjustment to Expiry Date of Reward Credits

Effective from April 1st, 2021, 00:00 (local time), the credit purchased and the credit rebated will have an expiry date, which will be separately added into the member’s account. Please note that the validity period of credit purchased and its credit rebated will be 2 years and 180 days, respectively.


If you purchase credits with HK$1,000 on April 1st and the rebate of that date is 4%, the credits obtained will be

  • Credit purchased: 1000 credits with a 2-year validity period
  • Credits rebated: 40 credits with a 180-day validity period

This adjustment will not affect any credit purchased before the effective date of the adjustment. In other words, there are no expiry dates for those credits purchased or credits rebated if the transaction of credit purchase successfully made on/ before March 31st, 23:59:59.

Thank you for your attention to this notice.