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Limited-Time Offer: Get Greater Credit Rewards Now!


Here comes the limited-time promotion for you again!

All Buyandship members can enjoy a greater percentage of rewards proportion by purchasing Buyandship Credits during this promotion period, especially for small deposits!
With our Credits Reward Program, you can purchase Buyandship credits in advance and get reward credits with a certain amount of deposit. You can redeem credits to pay for your delivery fee. 1 credit equals 1 HK dollar.

Limited-Time Offer: Get Greater Credit Rewards Now!

Promotion Period: March 17th – March 31st, 2021

If you prefer a small amount of deposit, you shouldn’t miss this great chance! We are now offering a greater reward proportion till Mar 31st. You can enjoy 2% reward credit for a deposit of HK$300, and 12% for a deposit of HK$8,000. This flash promotion only lasts for TWO weeks!

Credits Rewards in this Promotion Period(for a minimum purchase of HK$300)

Deposit Rewards Proportion Total Credit Rewards
HK$300 2% 306
HK$600 4% 624
HK$1,000 6% 1,060
HK$3,000 8% 3,240
HK$6,000 10% 6,600
HK$8,000 12% 8,960
Above HK$8,000 Please contact our online customer service for a higher rewards proportion

1 Buyandship credit equals 1 HK dollar. You can also purchase the credits with FPS easily at home.


  1. In order to facilitate the process of your transaction confirmation, if members purchase credits by bank transferral, please add the particular decimal numbers after the purchasing credit amount as instructed on “Top up Credits“. For the credit purchase by cash, there is no need to add any decimal numbers. Please note that there is no refund in money or credit for the decimal amount entered.
  2. Please email us the proof of deposit at support@buyandship.today after purchase for transaction confirmation.
  3. Credits purchased have no expiry date so you do not need to worry about the expiration.

📣 Tips for New Members: You can immediately earn $12 Buyandship credits as a welcome gift after registration.
We highly recommend you to purchase credits with a deposit of HK$300 and then, you can enjoy 6% credit rewards counted with the welcoming credit!
Sign up now: https://bit.ly/3fgBHdA

Terms and conditions of this promotion:

  • The promotion period is from March 17th to March 31st, 2021.
  • Only the credit purchased during the above period can have the promotional rewards proportions. No compensation or refund will be made for any transaction made before/after the promotion period because of the change of rewards proportion.
  • Credits will be automatically added to the members’ accounts within 3 working days after confirmation of the deposit.
  • Only credits purchased before the shipment arrives in Hong Kong can be used for deducting the delivery fee of that shipment.
  • You can redeem credits to pay for your delivery fee (1 Buyandship credit equals 1 HK dollar).
  • Credits purchased do not have any expiry date.
  • All credits can neither be transferred to another member’s account nor exchanged for cash.
  • Please read the Terms and Conditions of use on the “Top up Credits” before purchasing the credits. Your purchase will mean that you accept and agree to the Terms of Use.
  • In case of any disputes, Buyandship reserves the right of final decision.