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【Service Announcement】New Arrangement for “Credit For Every Pound You Declare” Program (Updated on May 28)

New Arrangement for “Credit For Every Pound You Declare” Program

In order to encourage you to share your online shopping cart, we have the following arrangement on the “Credit For Every Pound You Declare” Program.

This program is available for transshipment from US, UK, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Thailand and Italy. Please note that transshipment from China will not be included. Members need to complete the following steps in order to receive the credit rewards.

When you declare your parcel, you MUST

  1. Fill in the accurate URL of the product declared (URL shall start with “http” or “https”)

  2. Check the box of “I agree to the use of my shipment details (only product name, price and URL would be shared, and you would remain anonymous) by Buyandship for statistics and marketing purpose

Each pound you shipped can get you 1 credit which can be redeemed for your delivery fee. The reward credits will be automatically added to your Buyandship account in 4 to 7 working days after your shipment order is completed. 1 credit is equal to 1 HK dollar in delivery fee. Please note that the credits will expire in 90 days.

From May 1st onward, you will NOT receive any credit rewards with your completed shipment orders if you fail to finish ALL the above steps during the parcel declaration. (Orders which have been completed on / before April 30th will not be affected by this arrangement). Therefore, you are strongly advised to declare your parcels by following the above steps from now on in order to prevent delays from receiving your credit rewards.

For those members who have currently chosen the Asia Miles Rewards as your reward scheme, you can still earn miles as rebates by completing orders on or before June 30th. However, after the termination of Buyandship x Asia Miles Rewards Campaign on June 30th, all members will be automatically updated to choose the “Credit For Every Pound You Declare” Program, and get credits as rebates instead. For details, please refer to another service announcement.

Please be mindful of the above-mentioned arrangement. Thank you for your consideration and your support as always.