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Pre CNY Bonus! Earn Up to 20% Topup Rebate


Chinese New Year is fast approaching, Buyandship would like to send out the Pre CNY Bonus to thanks all our users’ support in this year! The topup rebate offer is a golden chance, so we highly suggest you deposit credit points first before shopping online.

Pre CNY Bonus – Limited Time Topup Rebate

Promotion Period:January 15, 2020 to January 21

Users who deposit over HK$300 can get 6% rebate in this special offer. The more credit points you deposit, the higher rebate rate you can get (Up To 20%)! This offer is only for one week, take action now!

Limited Time Topup Rebate (Minimum topup amount: HK$200; Minimum rebate topup amount: HK$300)

Deposit Non-Promotion Rewards Proportion Promotion Rewards Proportion Total Points Rewards
HK$200 0% 0% 200
HK$300 0% 6% 318
HK$500 0% 8% 540
HK$1,000 4% 10% 1100
HK$2,500 8% 12% 2800
HK$5,000 12% 16% 5800
HK$8,000 or above 16% Please contact our online customer service to get up to 20% rebate!

Depositing credit points is as easy as a pie, you can also use “FPS” transferral to finish the deposit with one click!

Users who deposit HK$2,500 during the promotion period can get 12% rebate, which means you can get a total of 2800 credit points, this allows you to ship around 12 pounds for free! (Non-promotion period only offer 8% rebate)

Warm reminder:
1. If you want to speed up the confirmation, users who deposit the amount by bank transferal, please add the decimal number according to the instructions (Bulb position). Users deposit the amount by cash don’t have to add the decimal number. please pay attention that we will not return the amount of the decimal number in cash or points.
2. Remember to email the proof of deposit at support@buyandship.today for confirmation.
3. The points you purchase have no expiration date, you can use them at any time you want!

📣 Good News for New Member: If you are NEW at Buyandship, sign up now and get $20 free shipping! We also recommend you deposit $300 credit points, so you can get 6% rebate which is 12.6% rebate in total! Sign up NOW:http://bit.ly/2tXBvvS

Terms & Conditions:

.The event starts on January 15, 2020 and ends on January 21, 11:59 PM.
.The credit points must be deposited during the promotion time; any deviations will not be reissued before or after the promotion period.
.Points will be automatically added to the member’s account within 3 working days after confirming the deposit amount.
.Points need to be purchased before the shipment arrives in Hong Kong in order to deduct the costs of the current shipment.
.Credit points can be used to pay for the shipping fee (each credit point is relative to HK$1).
.The points earned through this event have no expiration date.
.All credit points cannot be transferred to other members’ accounts and cannot be redeemed for cash.
.Please read the Terms of Use before purchasing our reward points. Your purchase will mean that you accept and agree to the Terms of Use
.In case of any dispute, the company will reserve the final decision.