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Black Friday Sale 2019: Must-Read Transshipment Tips


When shopping during Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, every second count! Save precious time and pre-fill all the shopping websites with our closest overseas warehouse address.

When you checkout, you can be a step faster than everyone else! And the quicker you have made your purchase, the sooner your shipment will be at our warehouse and then ready to be delivered to you! And to make the process even quicker and efficient, please pay attention to the following few tips for Black Friday Sale!

Black Friday Sale 2019: Transshipment Tips

Black Friday 2019 Transshipment Tips

1. Address issues

If an error message occurs when trying to fill out our overseas warehouse address, you can try to enter 13822, Northeast Airport Way in another format. It’s important to add in your BS User ID for identification of your parcel. Please remember to add your BS User ID to the name column but not in the “Address line 2”, otherwise it may affect the courier to deliver your parcel.

Buyandship US warehouse have been relocated in June. Therefore the address have been changed. Whenever your last purchase was, please double check if the shipping address is the same as the one shown in “Oversea Warehouse Addresses” page!

2. Payment method and Billing Address questions

Well-prepared online-shoppers must have valid credit cards and a Paypal account, as most of the online stores accept either one! If you want to use the warehouse address as your Billing Address, please use your real name (excluding BS as the first username); in case the warehouse address fails as a Billing Address, you may use your own real address as the Billing Address.

3. Reporting problems

Due to the expected enormous volume of Black Friday’s orders, our colleagues in the US want you to kindly note, that due to the large volume of goods, the Check-in of the shipment may take a day longer than usual (about 2-3 days). At the same time, we will give priority to the shipments that are declared on time; if you have not declared the shipment before it’s arrival at the warehouse, we will send you an email regarding the “undeclared parcel” within 2-3 days after the warehouse receives the shipment, and will handle your shipment after receiving your declaration. So everyone remembers to report the receipt of the tracking number immediately, otherwise, it will delay the delivery time!

Although we do as much as we can, with all helping hands we can get, it is inevitable that the delivery time will be slightly affected during Black Friday Sale. Generally, it takes 2-3 working days for the goods to be shipped out of the warehouse. We try our best to bring the parcels back to Hong Kong as soon as possible. However, due to the increase number of orders and parcels at that moment, it can take extra 2-4 days for your shipment to arrive at the Hong Kong warehouse.

4. Shipment size restrictions

During the shopping season, remember to keep your US parcel size limited to long/wide/high sides of NOT more than 140cm, otherwise, the shipment will be rejected and cannot be transferred to Hong Kong. Also, remember not to purchase prohibited items, otherwise it will affect the customs clearance of shipment, then it will take more time to receive your parcels!

Prohibited Articles Catalog: http://bit.ly/36yEnhB

5. Parcel Pick-up Problem

During the peak of logistics, for local delivery, it can take extra 1-2 days for your shipment to arrive at Buyandship Redemption center; extra 2-3 days to arrive at Alfred Smart Locker, Alfred Point, and Circle K; extra 2-3 days on delivery service. If you need urgently, please choose to pick up your parcels at Buyandship Kwai Fong redemption center.

Pick-up Location:http://bit.ly/2qfwdKH

Warm Reminder: During office hour, we will try our best to answer your enquiries with 5-10 minutes. As there will be more enquires during Thanksgiving, Black Friday or Cyber Monday, customer service may take up to an hour to reply. (Or even longer during non-office hour) Please be patient and thank you once again to use Buyandship.