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1 min-step to avoid missing your Amazon’s package



There can be thousands of accidents causing your package lost in delivery, some can be ridiculous. This 1 min-step can ensure the delivery partners of Amazon do not leave your package without a signature of the receiver, so your package can be sent to our warehouse in a more secure way.

We strongly recommend you complete the following steps which help to prevent you from missing package in delivery, just by reminding Amazon with a little delivery note.


  1. Log into Amazon.
  2. Go to Your addresses.
  3. In address box of Buyandship’s address, Click Add delivery instructions.
  4. Select Do we need additional instructions to find this address? .
  5. Copy and Paste “Please do NOT leave the package if nobody is there to receive it.“, to the textbox.
  6. Click Save instructions to save the change.

A glance on KEY steps:

Step 3


Step 5


Step 6