Fourth Anniversary Four Rewards! Second reward: Even smaller amounts of stored credit value will be rewarded! (Ended)

Our members know, that you can purchase Buyandship store credit and enjoy a discount rate. And especially for Black Friday these rebates come in handy!
Simply store value and be rewarded with a discount rate!
Usually, the discount rates will be given from a purchased store credit starting from HK$1,000. Which benefits our frequent overseas online shopping members. But as a second reward, we will offer the rebate starting at a stored value of HK$500! Only during the period of this promotion, so hurry up, purchase store credit and save even more money!

Reward scheme

Stored Value Final Earned Credits Rebate in %
HK$500 – HK$2,499 520 – 2,599 4%
HK$2,500 – HK$4,999 2,700 – 5,499 8%
HK$5,000 – HK$7,999 5,600 – 8,959 12%
HK$8,000 – HK$9,999 9,280 – 11,599 16%
HK$10,000 or above Please contact us

Whether you want to shop for yourself, buy Christmas gifts, send a gift to a dear friend or colleague, and the value of your Buyandship store credit has no expiration date! After Black Friday you can continue to use your store credit during Christmas Sales and then during the End-of-year-sales or you can keep them for the next year!

Terms and Conditions:

.The promotion period starts on November 8th, 2018 and ends on November 19th, 11:59AM
.The store credit must be stored during the promotion time; any deviations will not be reissued before or after the promotion period.
.Points will be automatically added to the member’s account within three working days after verifying the deposit amount.
.Points need to be purchased before the shipment arrives in Hong Kong in order to deduct the costs of the current shipment.
.Points can be used to pay shipping (each point is relative to HK$1)
.Points earned through this activity do not have a expiration date
.All points cannot be transferred to other member accounts and cannot be exchanged for cash.
.Before storing the value, please read and agree to the Terms of Use of the “Point Reward Scheme”; once the value is stored, it will be deemed to have been consulted and agreed to the Terms of Use.
.If there is any dispute about the promotion, the company will retain the final decision.