Roll it, Play it, Own it!

Why not bring your favorite TV show games home and make the household a little bit more livelier? Wouldn’t it be great if instead of always going out to meet your friends at the bars, your friends came over to your place?

Here are 7 space-saving mini game ideas for you and your friends to compete on, as for my favorite out of all? Definitely the Slam Dunk Toilet Basketball Set!

Not enough fiber in your diet? I guess that means you’ll be in there for awhile. Slam Dunk Toilet Basketball will give you something to do to pass the time.

You get a basketball net, 3 balls, a mat, and a ball holder. Pretty sure this will also make your toilet the coolest of all!

How long can you make this ball float? Challenge you family and friends with the Floating Ball Game and see who has the longest breath of all! This classic game of science demonstrates Bernoulli’s Principle, the Law of Pressure Differential. Gently blow into the 6″ pipe and watch the ball float!

I’m guessing most of you have encountered the Twister game at least once at a house party, but have you tried playing with your fingers instead? Get little fingers moving, wiggling, and reaching with this Finger Twister game. Contestants spin the two spinners and move their fingers as directed, and the player who keeps his/her fingers down the longest wins!

This Desktop Bowling game is the perfect solution for those who are too lazy to stop by a bowling centre. It fits great on your desk or any other table, so you can bowl at any time. Set up 10 white pins on your desk then use the launching chute to guide the ball with precision. Strike!

The Desktop basketball Shooting Game will have you feeling like a sports-star in the comfort of your desk chair!

This funny Interactive Basketball Headband Toy is a fun and addictive game for kids and adults. Place the Basket Case headband hoop game on your head, then see how many balls you can toss inside. One size fits all!

A game will be waiting for you at every corner of the house, including kitchen chores! Who says house chores has to be done by the ladies? The age of sexual equality is upon us and men can no longer afford to ignore household duties and leave them entirely to the care of their spouse. Here is the dice of equality – the Housework Dice. Each throw assigns a particular task that your husband or partner has to perform.

OR turn any game into a drinking game with these trouble makes, The Drinking Dice.