5 Organization Hacks For Your Room!

Do you also have to make the most out of your small space? And does it give you a much nicer feeling, when everything is tidy and organized?

Here come 5 Hacks that help you to make the most our of your space.

Hack 1: Make use of your door

Make space by getting shoes, purses and other accessories off the floor and shelves and onto your door. Over-the-door-shoe-racks and Door & Wall Racks are great options.

Hack 2: Make use of your floor

Stack-able Shoe Racks are an easy way to keep extra shoes from getting lost in your room while keeping them all in view. And as you can see in the image, it can also be used for other stuff!

Hack 3: Make use of your bed

Storing seasonal clothing underneath your bed is perfect, cause you won’t need your winter clothing anytime soon and they will be easy to exchange, whenever you need them again. And make space for small bits and bobs like magazine, reading glasses, lip balm, remote control etc. with the Bedside Caddies!
Find all the Bed Storage here.

Hack 4: Add hooks and clear storage boxes

Don’t you also only use the things, that you see directly? Clear Containers or those with labels will help you save time because you can quickly identify the contents. And if you add a few Hooks, you will be able to see everything and be more organized. It’s easier than you think, for example with magnetic hooks!

And last but not least:
Hack 5: Keep your jewelry organized

The same ‘I only use what i see and only if i don’t have to untangle it’-concept also applies to our jewelry. Display your jewelry on a little stand or in Cute jewelry storage and not only will you use your jewelry more, you also immediately have a cute Instagram-worthy picture of your oh-so-organized-jewelry (or perfume bottles!)

We hope you liked our 5 organization hacks and hope you are as motivated as we are to organize your space at home now! And The Container Store is having 25% off at all closet essentials at the moment! So hurry up!