10 Fun Stationaries to Amp up your Work Space

Other than your bed, your office cubicle is technically your second home where you spend most of your time at out of the week. Sitting in one place often gets to us, especially when it’s a set environment with uninteresting interior colors and claustrophobia-inducing walls, it could become one of the major reasons why workers get stressed, mind-blocked and demotivated.

But you know what? It’s doesn’t have to be that way, since this is your personal space, why not spic it up a bit? Personalizing your space and surrounding yourself with things that makes you happy or inspires you will surely help you amp up that productivity.

Luckily for you, we’ve found a few fun stationary ideas to help you get through the day easier!

These Band-aid style Notepad/Memo stickers will ensure that you will never forget important meetings again, stick it on the back of your hands or forehead if you really need to!

Constructed from a piece of canvas connected to a series of ropes and clips, this is essentially a mini-hammock for your feet. The Under-desk Foot Hammock offers up 2 different modes including both “work” and “rest” mode. Whether you’re crunching numbers and organizing spreadsheets, or surfing YouTube for the latest cat videos, this thing will ensure that you’re comfortable throughout the entire process!

Caught fidgeting with rubber bands at work? Let Mr.Green take the wrap! Mummify your rubber band holder with this creative Mummified Elastic Band Holder. If you’re going to get anybody to keep your rubber bands safe you might as well make it someone who won’t move very far!

This set of 6 Gold Bullion Magnets can best bring you good luck for fortune and money! Put it on the fridge or on the table to attract better wealth and turn it into real gold bar!

This cautionary yellow colored Calendar Memo Tape is a life savior, because this way, your to-do lists don’t accidentally get swept away into the trash can. Just pull your desired length, rip, and stick! Stick it anywhere you like!

This is a very Sexy Butt Pen Holder, and guess who it is?Bingo, it’s your boss! Feel free to poke his ass whenever you are being scolded by your boss! Just make sure your boss is not around when you do so because this figurine will moan in different ways while knocking his head up and down! It will surely make you and everyone around die laughing!

This Wooden Egg Paperclip Nest brings a little bit of nature to the sterile office environment. … The egg itself contains a strong magnet, so when you dip the egg into your carton of paperclips it comes out looking like an egg sitting in a nest.

Shout out loud whenever you need a helping hand! This Help Bookmark is definitely a cute add on for all bookworms out there.

Ideal for hiding addresses and personal data from paper mail disposal, this handy Guard Your ID Stamp Roller effectively masks typed and handwritten information. Quickly stamp over your personal information and feel confident that it is safe from prying eyes. Easy to Use & Great Alternative to Shredders.

How cool are these Condom shaped Erasers! Packed in individual foil wrappers makes it look 99.99% like the real thing, they are in easy hold shape with nominal width of 4cm, one size fits all, WARNING! do not use on any male appendage!

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