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From finding cheap deals to avoiding weekend crowds, there are plenty of reasons to do your shopping online rather than in stores. While easier price comparison is surely one of the many reasons why shopping online is much preferred, there are also thousands of online deals and coupons you can use to save money as well. Just know where to look for it, and you will save LOADS of money for sure!

While there are tons of cash-back sites and online deals across the internet, TopCashBack should be the most familiar to most of us. With 8 million members worldwide, TopCashBack guarantees highest cashback of all. Take for example, shopping sites such as Eastbay, Moosejaw, GAP, all have a 10% cashback rate, while Amazon is as high as 6% rebate, even Ralph Lauren has a shocking 5% rebate! Cashback earned will automatically be transferred to your Paypal account or can be exchanged as an Amazon Gift Card, a.k.a. more discounts on your next shopping spree!

How does TopCashBack actually work? It’s extremely simple; TopCashBack just pass on their advertising commission straight to you, as cashback. While you browse their site and choose from 1000’s of retailers and exclusive cashback offers, the retailer pays TopCashBack commission for your purchase and they’ll add this as cashback to your earnings.

Start by registering an account on, once you’ve verified your account through an automated email notification, you’re set to go!

You can begin to surf for all sorts of brand deals and discounts that has joined TopCashBack community, or you can manually search for a store by typing in the store name in the “Search by Store Name” bar above.

Example: If you type in Eastbay and click enter, the page would show all current deals, promotion codes and other offers they’re having now. *Note: Promotion Codes and CashBack offers can be used simultaneously for double saving!

Click on「Get Cashback Now」, or 「Get Cashback & Code」, and you’ll be directed to your designated webstore.

Attention: All transactions have to be made on the new pop up window, and you have to double confirm whether TopCashBack had successfully recorded your visit.

Now you can start shopping on your favorite site!!

Upon order confirmation, TopCashBack will send you an email notification of your cashback earnings, or you can check it directly on your TopCashBack account. All you need to do is click「Account」on top right corner, then choose「Earnings」, and it will show a summary of your cashback earnings. You can then transfer those earnings back to your Paypal account for your next purchase.

Make sure you checkout TopCashBack’s latest deals every time before you start shopping, as promotional deals and discounts change all the time. Little did you know, TopCashBack also works for booking flights and hotels online too! Just like TopCashBack, BuyandShip also gives out freebies to our loyal members! You can easily earn 1 rebate point per pound every time you click 「Share Product Details」at product declaration page. *Each point is equivalent to HK$1 and can be used to pay for your next shipping fee. Click for more details.

Is this your first time using our BuyandShip service? Here are a few things you should know:

A base rate per pound (Kwai Fong/Lai Chi Kok Pick-up HK$22, other Redemption centres & lockers HK$24) will be charged for overseas shipment from our USA, UK, Japan, Korea warehouses. With a few easy steps your parcel will be delivered to you in no time:
.Overseas Shipping Process:
.Shipping Rates:
.66 Redemption Points 45 E-Link Locations: