While there are thousands of deliveries being shipped back from all our overseas warehouses everyday, had you ever imagined how crucial it is for us to be able to identify you in a heartbeat? BuyandShip is all about discovering small conveniences in our lives, acting upon it and try to make everyone’s lives a tad easier, including us.

This is where our member ID comes into play. Some of you BuyandShip newbies must have wondered what the random code behind your Full Name was for, well, that’s basically WHAT WE USE TO IDENTIFY YOU!

Once you sign up for an account with BuyandShip, this is how your ID would appear:


Where you can find the shipping address, you’d see your name appearing like so:


So if your name was Andrew Chan, it would appear this way:

Andrew Chan BSTZYKAM

No one else would have the same random set of alpha code, only YOU do!

And yes, it may seem like an extra step when we ask you to use this unique member ID as part of your shipping information when you’re checking out with an online merchant. But we just want to make sure your parcel gets to your hands on time without getting lost.

Think of how many Andrew Chans you know. Now think about the confusion it would cause when two packages arrive with the same name but belonging to two different owners. Our warehouse assistants, though very much on the ball, would have no way of telling which package belongs to whom. It’s frustrating for you because it means you get your package later than anticipated, and frustrating for us because we always want happy customers.

The unique member ID is integral to making sure you get your items at the end of the day. Think of it as your very own locker at our warehouses. The system picks up your ID once your package comes in, and it goes straight to your locker, ready to be sent to you.

Want to earn more rebate points for your next shipping fee? To welcome the arrival of Dog year, we have come up with a CNY Special for our users! Beginning 20th February until 28th February, receive 3 rebate points per pound when you select Kwun Tong E-Link as your pick-up location. (Limited to US, UK, JP, Korea deliveries)

Sign up with us today and start shopping for the (Lunar) New Years!