Facebook 40,000 Likes x Headquarters Soft Opening – Savings Promotion

To celebrate BuyandShip facebook page for reaching a total of 40,000 likes AND as most of you may already know that our headquarters has finally moved to a bigger office space, we have come up with a Savings System to thank you all for the amazing support towards BuyandShip!

First Wave! Savings Promotion:

The idea is to allow customers to earn more bonus points with our new discounted rebate policy, of course the more you top up your savings account, the more points rebate you will get in return. *Each point is equivalent to HK$1, and it can be used for deducting your next shipping fee*

• Top up HK$400 and collect 40 rebate points.
• Top up HK$1,000 and collect 140 rebate points.
• Top up HK$4,000 and collect 800 rebate points.
• Top up HK$40,000 and collect 10,000 rebate points.

Example: During promotion period, if you top up HK$1,000 in your account, you will immediately have a total of 1140 rebate points to use for your next purchase.

Promotion Details: http://bit.ly/1L1p1Uv

Attention: If you intend to make a bank deposit, please add a small number after decimals for the ease payment confirmation process. If you intend to pay by cash, please disregard this.
*Please note that any decimals amount made is not eligible for cash refund or exchange as rebate points.

Second Wave of Promotions will be out soon, stay tuned!