Important Note

  • Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, Thai Government has temporarily limited the export of face masks. Please note that all types of face masks are provisionally restricted. Please check the Prohibited Items Catalog
  • before shopping. Any goods restricted in export will be regarded as abandoned, without any compensation
  • Please restrain from buying any products containing liquid, batteries, liquid itself or batteries themselves, including lithium batteries, as they will be rejected and cannot be shipped
  • If the customer fails to fill out the member ID BSXXXXXX on the shipment, the order will be discarded
  • Please DO NOT fill out the member ID in the address line
  • Please enter +66-891689303 if you need to include the country code of Thailand
  • If there is any error for the ZipCode or Tel when you are filling in the form, please try to remove the “-“ in the middle of the numbers