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"/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-6pmcom.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.6pm.com/", "description": "Premier destination for discounted designer shoes, clothing, accessories" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-aeropostale.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.aeropostale.com/", "description": "Retailer of casual apparel targeting 14-to-17-year-old teens" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "baby" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-albee.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.albeebaby.com/", "description": "Huge selection of baby gear including strollers, car seats, carriers & more" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "fashion", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-alphaindustries.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.alphaindustries.com", "description": "Famous for their stylish bomber jacket MA-1 and parkas" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "mall" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-amazon-us.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.amazon.com/", "description": "Global online shop with biggest selection of books, electronics, apparel and more" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-americaneagle.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.ae.com/", "description": "Clothing retailer selling men’s and women’s jeans, T’s, shoes and more" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-american-apparel.jpg", "link_url": "https://global.americanapparel.com/en/", "description": "Effortless basics and iconic fashion favorites for women, men and kids" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "others" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-americantourister.jpg", "link_url": "https://shop.americantourister.com/", "description": "Offers stylish, high-quality and fun luggage you can rely on" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "fashion", "women", "accessories", "home" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-anthropologie.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.anthropologie.com/", "description": "Bohemian style women’s clothing, accessories, home décor, furniture, gifts and more" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "fashion", "women", "men", "accessories" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-backcountry.jpg", "link_url": "http://bit.ly/2wlOAgV", "description": "Offers outdoor gear and clothing from brands including Patagonia, Nike, Adidas, Oakley" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "books" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-barnesandnoble.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.barnesandnoble.com/", "description": "Online bookstore for books, NOOK ebooks & magazines" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-bathnbodyworks.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.bathandbodyworks.com/home/index.jsp", "description": "One of the hottest brands for affordable gifts, body & bath products" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "books" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-bookoutlet.jpg", "link_url": "http://bookoutlet.com/", "description": "Affordable books for kids, fiction, cooking, young adult novels & more" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-brooksbrothers.jpg", "link_url": "http://bit.ly/2wtgoiS", "description": "Stylish modern clothing & fresh takes on heritage designs for men, women, & kids" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-burtsbee.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.burtsbees.com/", "description": "Natural personal care products without harsh chemicals" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "men", "women", "sport" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-campsaver.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.campsaver.com/", "description": "Quality outdoor apparel and gear for camping, backpacking, hiking, and climbing" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-takecareof.jpg", "link_url": "https://takecareof.com/", "description": "Vitamins and supplements made from the best ingredients, personalized to your needs" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "baby" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-carters.jpg", "link_url": "http://bit.ly/2nZMwXx", "description": "The most trusted name in affordable baby, kids, and toddler clothing" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "men", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-c21stores.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.c21stores.com/", "description": "Highly discounted shoes, clothing, jewelry, dresses, coats and more from top designers" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "men", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-crusoeandsons.jpg", "link_url": "https://crusoeandsons.com/", "description": "Retailer of premium footwear, apparel and accessories" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "men", "women", "sport" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-champion.jpg", "link_url": "http://bit.ly/2MXAlsh", "description": "Worldwide popular brand for innovative athletic wear for men and women" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "sport" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-champsshorts.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.champssports.com/", "description": "Latest shoes and clothing from Jordan, Nike, adidas, and more" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-charlottetilbury.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.charlottetilbury.com/us", "description": "Makeup, skin care & beauty brand, including Magic Cream & Film Star Bronze & Glow" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "others" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-chewy.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.chewy.com/", "description": "Best pet supplies ranging from food, toys & treats to litter, aquariums, & supplements" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-colourpop.jpg", "link_url": "https://colourpop.com/", "description": "Make-up for cool kids. High-quality products for US$8 & under" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "men", "women", "sport" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-converse.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.converse.com/", "description": "Shop famous converse shoes, and more footwear & apparel" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "fashion" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-createandcraft.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.createandcraft.com/", "description": "Best place to get all your papers, crafting tools and craft products" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "others" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-cutleryandmore.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.cutleryandmore.com/", "description": "Top brands to shop kitchen knives, chef’s knives and cookware" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "sport" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-dickssportsgood.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/", "description": "Wide selection of sports gear, equipment, apparel and footwear" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men", "sport" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-dickies.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.dickies.com/", "description": "Popular US brand, casual tops, trousers and hoodies, for men and women" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-diesel.jpg", "link_url": "http://shop.diesel.com/homepage?origin=NOUS", "description": "Famous Italian retail clothing company selling jeans, clothing, shoes & accessories" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "others" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-disneystore.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.shopdisney.com/", "description": "Official disney store offering costumes, clothes, toys, collectibles, décor and more" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "accessories" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-dogeared.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.dogeared.com/", "description": "Jewelry handcrafted in the USA including necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-drunkelephant.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.drunkelephant.com/", "description": "Non-toxic, clinically effective skincare infused with Virgin Marula Oil and clean actives" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "home" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-dyson.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.dyson.com/en.html", "description": "Powerfull vacuum cleaners, hair styling products, fans, humidifiers, hand dryers & lighting" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men", "sport" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-eastbay.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.eastbay.com/", "description": "Best selection of pro-grade gear including athletic shoes and clothing" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "accessories", "others" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-ebags.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.ebags.com/", "description": "Online retailer of handbags, luggage, backpacks, laptop bags & travel accessories" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "men", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-eddiebauer.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.eddiebauer.com/", "description": "Active outdoor brand combining over nine decades of quality products & innovation" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-elf.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.eyeslipsface.com/", "description": "Budget-friendly professional makeup and beauty products" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "men", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-elwood.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.elwoodclothing.com/", "description": "Urban street style apparel from the heart of LA" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "mall", "fashion" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-etsy.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.etsy.com/", "description": "Handmade gift, vintage & on-trend clothes, unique jewelry and more" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "sport" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-footaction.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.footaction.com/", "description": "Latest shoes, clothing and accessories from Jordan, Nike, New Era, adidas and more" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "men", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-gap.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.gap.com/", "description": "Comfortable, accessible and casual women’s, men’s, maternity, kids’ & baby clothes" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "food" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-godiva.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.godiva.com/", "description": "Shop the most indulgent gourmet chocolates, truffles, holiday gifts and more" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men", "accessories" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-gilt.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.gilt.com/boutique/", "description": "Shop coveted designers at up to 70% off retail prices" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-glossier.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.glossier.com/", "description": "Trendy, young, easy-to-use skincare and makeup brand without nasty ingredients" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-gnc.jpg", "link_url": "http://bit.ly/2PfyQDt", "description": "Offers health & nutrition related products, including vitamins, supplements, minerals, etc" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-goat.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.goat.com/", "description": "Safest way to buy and sell sneakers, guaranteed authenticity on every sneaker purchase" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "baby" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-gymboree.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.amazon.com/s?k=gymboree&ref=nb_sb_noss", "description": "Retailer of high-quality clothes and accessories for children" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-hanes.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.hanes.com/", "description": "Americas first name in comfortable shirts, underwear, socks and more" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "sport" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-highkickz.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.highkickz.com/", "description": "Internet retailer of authentic athletic footwear from top brands" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-hunter.jpg", "link_url": 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"/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-ladymoss.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.ladymoss.com/", "description": "One stop beauty-shop for affordable cosmetics, false eyelashes etc." }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-luckyvitamin.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.luckyvitamin.com/", "description": "Discount prices on vitamins, nutritional supplements, health foods etc." }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "food" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-mandm.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.mymms.com/", "description": "Personalisable chocolates and gifts from the famous M&M’s brand" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "accessories" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-marcjacobs.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.marcjacobs.com/", "description": "American fashion brand selling women’s clothing, bags, watches, beauty & more" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "accessories", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-mltd.jpg", "link_url": "https://mltd.com/", "description": "Online store for casual streetwear including Vans、Dickies、Champion etc." }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "sport" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-moosejaw.jpg", "link_url": "http://bit.ly/2PdKNtc", "description": "Specialized in outdoor apparel & gear for snowboarding, hiking, etc" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-nautica.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.nautica.com/", "description": "Global lifestyle brand, offers a wide selection of apparel for men, women and kids" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men", "baby" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-oldnavy.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.oldnavy.com/", "description": "Similar to Gap, offering the latest fashion at great prices" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men", "sport" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-palace.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.palaceskateboards.com/", "description": "The leading online destination for men’s contemporary fashion and streetwear" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-palladium.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.palladiumboots.com/", "description": "Palladium boots and shoes for women and men" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "others" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-partycity.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.partycity.com/", "description": "Shop affordable adult and kids costumes for festivals and parties" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men", "baby", "accessories" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-poloralphlauren.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.poloralphlaurenfactorystore.com/", "description": "Authentic designer clothing for men, women, and children" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men", "baby", "accessories" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-pys.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.pys.com/", "description": "Sells authentic, highly popular and exclusive sneakers" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "accessories" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-rayban.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.ray-ban.com/usa/", "description": "Global leader in premium eyewear market" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "accessories", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-rebeccaminkoff.jpg", "link_url": "http://bit.ly/2PfMIO3", "description": "Leader in accessible luxury handbags, accessories, footwear, and apparel" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "others" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-revzilla.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.revzilla.com/", "description": "Specialises in motorcycle jackets, helmets & 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in durable & innovative luggage, business cases, backpacks & travel accessories" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "food" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-seescandies.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.sees.com/", "description": "Online chocolate shop offering delicious chocolate gifts & candy treats" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-shoescom.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.shoebuy.com/", "description": "American footwear retailer owned by Walmart" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "others", "fashion" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-shutterfly.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.shutterfly.com/", "description": "Create photo books, personalized photo cards & stationery" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-silknbeautfultechnology.jpg", "link_url": "https://silkn.com/", "description": "Global leader in professional aesthetic devices to use at home" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-smashbox.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.smashbox.com/", "description": "Shop makeup, primers, BB cream and more beauty items" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-sneakersnstuff.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.sneakersnstuff.com/", "description": "Sneakerstore established in 1999, top brands including Nike, Adidas, Converse, Puma" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men", "sport" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-steepcheap.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.steepandcheap.com/", "description": "Offers discount on camping, hiking, skiing, cycling gear and more" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-superdry.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.superdry.com/us/", "description": "Superdry products combine vintage American styling with Japanese inspired graphics" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "others" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-superherostuff.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.superherostuff.com/", "description": "Selection of superhero t-shirts, hoodies, hats and more from Marvel, DC, etc." }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-swanson.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.swansonvitamins.com/", "description": "Discount vitamins & supplements, natural health products, organic foods, etc" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "home", "others" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-swell.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.swell.com/", "description": "Reusable triple-walled stainless steel bottle for water, wine, tea and coffee" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-taylorsays.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.taylorsays.com/", "description": "Fun, original, badass shoes for women" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "sport" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-tenniswarehouse.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.tennis-warehouse.com/", "description": "Offers best prices and selection on all tennis gear" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-teva.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.teva.com/", "description": "Fashionable sandals, flip flops, boots, & casual shoes" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-bodyshop.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.thebodyshop-usa.com/", "description": "Worldwide famous brand for cosmetics, skin care, body care and perfume" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "baby" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-thechildrensplace.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.childrensplace.com/us/home/", "description": "Affordable childrens wear using soft materials; approved by mothers" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men", "accessories" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-thesockdrawer.jpg", "link_url": "http://sockdrawer.com/", "description": "Offers hundreds of fun novelty socks" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-threadless.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.threadless.com/", "description": "Offers awesome t-shirts, art prints designed by the global Threadless artist community" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-tillys.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.tillys.com/", "description": "Sells trendy men’s, women’s, and kid’s clothing, backpacks, shoes from top brands" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-toms.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.toms.com/", "description": "When Toms sells a pair of shoes, a new pair of shoes is given to a child in need" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "accessories" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-toryburch.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.toryburch.com/", "description": "Women’s designer clothing, dresses, shoes, handbags, accessories & more" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "sport" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-trx.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.trxtraining.com/", "description": "Provides world-class TRX equipment for everyone, regardless of their fitness level" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "men", "women", "sport" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-underarmour.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.underarmour.com/en-us/", "description": "American company that manufactures footwear, sports, and casual apparel" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "men", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-urbanoutfitter.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/index.jsp", "description": "Trendy hipster & bohemian style clothing, accessories and homeware" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-victoriasecret.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.victoriassecret.com/", "description": "American brand of women’s lingerie, sportswear, and beauty products" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-vitacost.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.vitacost.com/", "description": "Discount vitamins, supplements, health foods, beauty products & more" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-walgreens.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.walgreens.com/", "description": "American company operating as the second-largest pharmacy store chain in the US" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "mall" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-walmart.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.walmart.com/", "description": "American retailer that sells products in various categories and from thousands of brands" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "home" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-woot.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.woot.com/", "description": "One discounted product each day, often including a computer hardware or gadget" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "fashion" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-yankeecandle.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.yankeecandle.com/", "description": "Manufacturer & retailer of scented candles, candleholders, accessories & more" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-zappos.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.zappos.com/", "description": "Online shoe and clothing retailer that has over 1000 of styles of shoes" }, { "country_id": "us", "categories_id": [ "all", "baby" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-zulily.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.zulily.com/", "description": "Offers deals on brands for moms, babies, men and kids" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-aldo.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.aldoshoes.com", "description": "Offers affordable trendy footwear & accessories" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "baby" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-alexandalexa.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.alexandalexa.com/", "description": "Boys, girls, baby, teen’s clothes, shoes, sportswear, home & toys from 200+ brands" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-allbeauty.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.allbeauty.com/", "description": "Collection of affordable haircare, skincare, cosmetics, etc." }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-allsole.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.allsole.com/home.dept", "description": "Offers a wide range of shoes, sandals, boots & more from top brands" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "mall", "home" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-amazon-uk.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.amazon.co.uk/", "description": "Selection of books, DVDs, electronics, computer, apparel & accessories, shoes, etc." }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "baby" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-babymoov.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.babymoov.co.uk/", "description": "Reliable, highly designed and technologically advanced products for babies" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "books" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-thebookpeople.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.thebookpeople.co.uk", "description": "Quality books at discounted prices & a great range of children’s books, fiction, etc." }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-boots.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.boots.com/", "description": "Leading pharmacy-led health and beauty retailer with over 2500 stores in the UK" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-camper.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.camper.com", "description": "Spanish brand designing shoes, boots & accessories for women, men & kids" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "accessories" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-cathkidston.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.cathkidston.com/", "description": "Trendy bags & purses featuring florals & quirky prints" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-crabtreeevelyn.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.crabtree-evelyn.co.uk/", "description": "American-international retailer for body and home care products" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-drmartens.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.drmartens.com", "description": "Dr. Martens’ boots, shoes, work shoes & sandals set the standard for durability" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-endclothing.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.endclothing.com/gb/", "description": "Offers a wide selection of globally sourced menswear" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-feelunique.jpg", "link_url": "http://bit.ly/2N4gt7G", "description": "High-end makeup, haircare, skincare from 500 brands" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-footasylum.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.footasylum.com/", "description": "The UK’s one-stop-shop for the latest footwear and sports clothing" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "food" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-fortnummason.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.fortnumandmason.com/", "description": "Ultimate destination for unique gifts such as hampers, elegant wines, spirits, etc." }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-fredperry.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.fredperry.com/", "description": "Fashionable UK fashion brand famous since the 1950s for their signature polo shirts" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "mall" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-harrods.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.harrods.com/", "description": "The world’s most famous department store with the latest, high-end items" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-hqhair.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.hqhair.com/home.dept", "description": "Shop cosmetics, beauty products and haircare from top brands" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men", "sport" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-jd.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.jdsports.co.uk/", "description": "The leading trainer and sports fashion retailer in the UK" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-jomalone.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.jomalone.co.uk/", "description": "One of the most recognized British brands for scented candle" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-jackwills.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.jackwills.com/", "description": "British fashion brand for men and women" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men", "accessories" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-kickers.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.kickers.co.uk/", "description": "Famous young brand created 1970 in France that produces a range of clothing & footwear" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "baby" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-kiddicare.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.dunelm.com/", "description": "One-stop-shop for all kinds of baby products from clothes to car seats, pushchairs to toys" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "accessories" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-links.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.linksoflondon.com/gb-en", "description": "Well-known for its beautiful luxury British jewellery, watches, cufflinks and gifts" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-lookfantastic.jpg", "link_url": "http://bit.ly/2MX57l2", "description": "Sudsidary of The Hut Group, selling luxury beauty products from over 400 brands" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men", "fashion" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-luisaviaroma.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.luisaviaroma.com/EN", "description": "Retailer of the luxury market that sells women’s, men’s and children’s clothing" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-lush.jpg", "link_url": "http://uk.lush.com", "description": "Natural cosmetic products, freshly made by hand using little or no preservatives" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "baby" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-mamaspapas.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.mamasandpapas.com/en-gb/", "description": "UK-based retailer and manufacturer supplying prams, pushchairs, baby products, etc" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "mall" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-marksspencer.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.marksandspencer.com/", "description": "Retailer that specializes in clothing, home products and luxury Western food products" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-matchesfashion.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.matchesfashion.com/intl/", "description": "Global luxury retailer for men and women, carrying products from high-end 400+ brands" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-missselfridge01.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.missselfridge.com/", "description": "Offers a wide range of young fashion, dresses, blouses, trousers, skirts and petite clothing" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-.moltonbrown.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.moltonbrown.co.uk/store/index.jsp", "description": "One of the UK’s leading upmarket personal care and beauty firms" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-monki.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.monki.com/gb/", "description": "Sister brand of H&M, offering scandi fashion to an affordable price" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "baby" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-mothercare.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.mothercare.com/", "description": "Specialises in products for expecting mothers & in general merchandise for children" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "accessories" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-mybag.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.mybag.com/", "description": "Wide range of luxury bags and designer handbags. Mybag is a subsidary of THG" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "accessories" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-mytheresa.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.mytheresa.com/en-gb/", "description": "Shop high-end bags, clothing, shoes & accessories from 200+ luxury brands" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-nealsyardremedies.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.nealsyardremedies.com/", "description": "Sells organic cosmetics, skin care products, and essential oils" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-netaporter.jpg", "link_url": "http://bit.ly/2Ns2YOJ", "description": "Latest high-end clothes, shoes, bags and accessories from 350+ top designer brands" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-newlook.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.newlook.com/uk?selectCountry=true", "description": "British global fashion retailer with trendy, affordable high-street shops" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-next.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.next.co.uk/", "description": "British global fashion retailer with trendy, affordable high-street shops" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-offspring.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.offspring.co.uk", "description": "Shop latest trainers and sneakers from brands including Vans, Converse, Nike Jordans" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-oki-ni.jpg", "link_url": "https://oki-ni.com/", "description": "Innovative and fashionable menswear from the most sought-after designers" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men", "sport" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-reebok.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.reebok.co.uk/", "description": "Global footwear and apparel company, subsidiary of German sportsgiant Adidas" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-riverisland.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.riverisland.com/", "description": "British global fashion retailer with trendy, affordable high-street shops" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men", "accessories" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-secretsales.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.secretsales.com/", "description": "Offers products from designer fashion brands at highly discounted price" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men", "sport" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-size.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.size.co.uk/", "description": "Offers latest footwear & clothing from a wide range of top brands" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "sport" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-sportsdirect.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.sportsdirect.com/", "description": "Collection of latest sportswear from a range of top brands such as Nike, Adidas, etc" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-superdry-1.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.superdry.com/", "description": "Popular brand Superdry combines vintage American style with Japanese inspired graphics" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "sport" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-surfdome.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.surfdome.com/", "description": "Offers products from over 300 Surf, Snow, Skate and Outdoor brands" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-tedbaker.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.tedbaker.com/row/", "description": "British luxury clothing brand selling clothing and accessories for men and women" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "mall" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-tesco.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.tesco.com/", "description": "British multinational grocerie store and general merchandise retailer" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men", "accessories" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-cambridgesatchel.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.cambridgesatchel.com/", "description": "Sells stylish leather bags, handbags and satchels" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "mall", "home" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-thehut.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.thehut.com/home.dept?shippingcountry=GB", "description": "Sells fashion, beauty, home & garden, gifts from over 500 luxury brands" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "accessories" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-theoutnet.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.theoutnet.com/en-hk/", "description": "Products from 350+ luxury brands at amazing prices (usually 50% off the retail price)" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-tokyolaundry.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.tokyolaundry.com/", "description": "Similar to Superdry, this clothing shop offers jeans, joggers, hoodies,sweaters and more!" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-topman.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.topman.com/", "description": "British multinational men’s fashion retailer with trendy, affordable fashion" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "accessories" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-topshop.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.topshop.com/", "description": "British global fashion retailer with trendy, affordable high-street shops" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "accessories" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-triwa.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.triwa.com/en-gb/", "description": "Swedish watch brand that sells stylish timepieces at affordable price" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "food" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-whittard.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.whittard.co.uk/", "description": "Retailer for coffee, tea & various items that are used for the consumption of hot drinks" }, { "country_id": "uk", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-yoox.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.yoox.com/uk/women", "description": "Italian online fashion retailer that sells products from 5000+ designer brands" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "home" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-3aonlinestore.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.3a-onlinestore.com", "description": "Sells home appliances and PC products from Japanese brands" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-abcmart.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.rakuten.ne.jp/gold/abc-mart/", "description": "Japan’s largest online shoe shop, you may also find limited edition products here" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-adidas.jpg", "link_url": "http://shop.adidas.jp/pc/", "description": "Shop must-buy items and limited edition products by Adidas Originals" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "baby" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-ah.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.akachan.jp", "description": "One of the hottest baby product shops with cross-over (including Disney) products" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "mall" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-amazon-jp.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.amazon.co.jp/", "description": "Shop everything from clothes to accessories, homeware, groceries, toys, electrics etc." }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "others" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-animateonlineshop.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.animate-onlineshop.jp/", "description": "Offers a wide range of ​​ Japanese anime products" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-atmos.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.atmos-tokyo.com/", "description": "Popular Japan shoe store that also offer limited edition/cross-over shoes and sneakers" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "baby" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-babydoll.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.starvations.jp", "description": "Kids clothing shop that offers a wide range of cross-over collections feat. Minions, Hello Kitty, etc." }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "others" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-bandai.jpg", "link_url": "https://p-bandai.jp/contents/global/", "description": "One of the largest toy suppliers in Japan for anime products" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-bapeoline.jpg", "link_url": "https://bape.com/index/", "description": "One of the most popular fashion brands in Japan" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-beams.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.beams.co.jp", "description": "Japanese fashion brand with simple, minimalist design" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-beauty.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.matsukiyo.co.jp/store/online", "description": "Matsumoto, the largest drugstore chain in Japan, offers wide range health & beauty products" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "mall" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-bellemaison.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.bellemaison.jp/", "description": "Online grocery store that also offers a variety of Disney authorized products" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "others", "mall" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-biccamera.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.biccamera.com", "description": "Sells the newest and most famous Japanese home appliances" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "books" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-bookoffonline.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.bookoffonline.co.jp", "description": "Japanese online bookstore that sells new books, second-hand books & CD/DVDs" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "baby" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-cuseberry.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.cuseberry.com/", "description": "Electronics store in Japan that offers latest & most popular consumer electronic products" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-dickies-1.jpg", "link_url": "http://dickies.jp/", "description": "American fashion brand, the clothing’s fit of the Japanese store is more suitable for Asians" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "others" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-disneystore-1.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.disneystore.co.jp/shop/top.aspx", "description": "Disney’s Japan official online store" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "others" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-dogdept.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.dogdept.jp/", "description": "Japan pet products shop that focusess on pet clothing" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-st.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.dot-st.com", "description": "Shop Japanese fashion brands such as LOWRYS FARM, Niko and more" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-evisu.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.evisu.jp", "description": "Popular streetwear brand in Japan that focusses on Denim" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "baby" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-fafashop.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.fafa-shop.com/", "description": "Japanese kids clothing store, with many girly patterns and prints" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men", "fashion" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-fashionwalker.jpg", "link_url": "http://fashionwalker.com/", "description": "Trendy clothing store, where you can find latest popular fashion items of the season" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "baby" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-foonlineshop.jpg", "link_url": "http://fo-online.jp/breeze/", "description": "Offers items from various Japanese kidswear brands, including BREEZE, ALGY, etc." }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "sport" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-footballmax.jpg", "link_url": "http://shop.football-max.com/", "description": "Popular jersey store in Japan that sells various jerseys from different leagues" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-graniph.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.graniph.com/shop/default.aspx", "description": "T-Shirt store that specializes in graphic design" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "baby", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-hakkaonlineshop.jpg", "link_url": "https://hakka-online.jp/", "description": "Fashion store in Japan that sells women’s and kids’ clothing" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "others" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-idogicat.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.idog.jp/", "description": "Pet supply shop in Japan that sells pet clothing, beds, furniture and more" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "mall", "food", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-isetan.jpg", "link_url": "http://isetan.mistore.jp", "description": "Large department store that sells a wide range of clothing, cosmetics and accessories" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-jellybeans.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.jelly-beansshop.com/shop/default.aspx", "description": "Famous women’s shoes store that sells fashionable, yet comfortable designed shoes" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "accessories" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-jins.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.jins.com/jp/", "description": "Eyewear store with traditionally crafted items" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-kenko.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.kenko.com/", "description": "Japanese health food specialty store that offers cosmetics, daily necessities, etc." }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-kilakila.jpg", "link_url": "http://shop-kilakila.com", "description": "Offers a variety of made-in-Japan, comfortable women shoes" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "fashion" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-kinarino.jpg", "link_url": "https://kinarino-mall.jp/", "description": "Grocery store that sells shirts, socks, daily necessities and more" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "books" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-kinokuniya.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.kinokuniya.co.jp", "description": "Bookstore that offers a wide range of books including magazines and comics" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "others" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-kojima.jpg", "link_url": "https://pet-shop.jp/kojima/", "description": "Pet supply shop that mainly sells pet clothing and all kinds of daily necessities for pets" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "home" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-lecreuset.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.lecreuset.co.jp/onlineshop/", "description": "Famous french cookware manufacturer that is best known for its colorful “French ovens”" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "men", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-levis.jpg", "link_url": "http://levi.jp/", "description": "Famous american denim company Levi’s official Japan online shop" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "home" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-masani.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.masanidenki.com/", "description": "Sells a variety of Japanese home appliances for an affordable price" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "mall" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-muji.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.muji.net/store/", "description": "Japanese retailer which sells a wide variety of household and consumer goods" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-nanamica.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.nanamica.com/", "description": "Sells ​​a variety of outdoor branded items, including The North Face Purple Label" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "mall" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-marui.jpg", "link_url": "http://voi.0101.co.jp/voi/index.jsp", "description": "Japanese department store which offers clothing, cosmetics, homecare items, etc." }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "accessories" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-onspotz.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.onspotz.com/", "description": "Shop hats/caps from various popular brands including New Era" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "baby", "others" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-petpardise.jpg", "link_url": "https://shop.creativeyoko.co.jp/pc/", "description": "Sells baby products and pet products as well as groceries, snacks and more" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men", "sport" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-puma.jpg", "link_url": "https://jp.puma.com/", "description": "Worldwide famous producer for sporting goods such as shoes and sportswear" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "mall" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-qvc.jpg", "link_url": "http://qvc.jp/", "description": "Mainly sells Japanese home appliances for a highly discounted price" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "mall" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-rakuten.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.rakuten.co.jp/", "description": "Japan’s largest online shop, featuring more than 10,000 merchants on the platform" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men", "sport" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-reebok-1.jpg", "link_url": "http://reebok.jp/pc/", "description": "Official Japan website for famous US sports brand offering Japan edition items" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "accessories" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-samanthathavasa.jpg", "link_url": "https://online.samantha.co.jp/", "description": "Famous Japanese luxury fashion house which is well-known for its trendy handbags" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "others" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-sannetshop.jpg", "link_url": "http://shop.san-x.co.jp", "description": "Online shop offering a range of san-x charactistics such as Rilakkuma" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "books", "others" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-surugaya.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.suruga-ya.jp", "description": "One of the largest online shop in Japan that sells a wide range of antique books, DVDs, etc." }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "accessories" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-rakutenudedokei.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.10keiya.com/", "description": "Biggest wristwear shop of Japan" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "mall", "others", "home" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-yodobashi.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.yodobashi.com/", "description": "Electrical appliances chain store that sells a variety of electronics and digital supplies" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "baby" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-nishimatsuya.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.24028.jp/", "description": "Babycare store and its most popular products are the Disney collections" }, { "country_id": "jp", "categories_id": [ "all", "baby" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-rakuten-fashion.jpg", "link_url": "https://brandavenue.rakuten.co.jp/", "description": "Sudsidary of Rakuten. selling trendy products from over 1,000 brands" }, { "country_id": "kr", "categories_id": [ "all", "others", "fashion" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-bizent.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.bizent.co.kr/", "description": "Shop the official merchandise of Korean idols" }, { "country_id": "kr", "categories_id": [ "all", "others", "fashion" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-bunjang.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.bunjang.co.kr", "description": "Online auction platform in Korea focussing on the merchandise of Korean idols" }, { "country_id": "kr", "categories_id": [ "all", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-chuu.jpg", "link_url": "http://chuu.co.kr", "description": "Women’s fashion shop which is famous for its ‘-5kg jeans’, clothing and swimwear‎" }, { "country_id": "kr", "categories_id": [ "all", "mall", "food", "home" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-gmarket.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.gmarket.kr", "description": "One of the largest online shops in Korea that sells a wide range of products" }, { "country_id": "kr", "categories_id": [ "all", "accessories", "men", "women", "fashion" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-hatstore.jpg", "link_url": "https://hatstore.co.kr/", "description": "Sells hats/caps from various Korean local brands‎" }, { "country_id": "kr", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-innisfree.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.innisfree.com/kr/ko/Main.do", "description": "Well-known skincare brand, uses natural materials for its products‎" }, { "country_id": "kr", "categories_id": [ "all", "others", "baby" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-kakao.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.kakaofriends.com/kr", "description": "Sells a wide range of products with the Kakao Talk cartoon characters" }, { "country_id": "kr", "categories_id": [ "all", "others", "baby" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-linefriends.jpg", "link_url": "https://store.linefriends.co.kr/", "description": "Sells a wide range of products with the Line Friends cartoon characters" }, { "country_id": "kr", "categories_id": [ "all", "mall", "food", "home" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-lotte.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.lotte.com/", "description": "One of the largest Korean department online stores that launches daily ‘Super Sales’‎" }, { "country_id": "kr", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-yoox-1.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.yoox.com/kr", "description": "Popular overseas online fashion store that carries products from over 5,000 brands‎" }, { "country_id": "au", "categories_id": [ "all", "men", "women", "sport" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-2xu-1.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.2xu.com/au", "description": "Global leader in sports compression and high performance sports apparel" }, { "country_id": "au", "categories_id": [ "all", "home" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-adairs.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.adairs.com.au/", "description": "Leading in luxury bedding, bed sheets, cushions, homewares, gifts and other bedding" }, { "country_id": "au", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men", "sport" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-adidas-1.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.adidas.com.au/", "description": "Official site for Australia market that features a range of shoes, clothing and Originals collections" }, { "country_id": "au", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-adorebeauty.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.adorebeauty.com.au/", "description": "Sell beauty products from 200+ brands including Dermalogica, The Ordinary & Estée Lauder" }, { "country_id": "au", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-aesop.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.aesop.com/au", "description": "Luxury skin care brand that produces skincare, hair care, soaps and fragrance products" }, { "country_id": "au", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men", "baby" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-bonds.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.bonds.com.au/", "description": "Australia’s iconic brand that sells women’s, men’s, kids and baby clothing" }, { "country_id": "au", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "accessories" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-boohoo.jpg", "link_url": "https://au.boohoo.com/", "description": "Fast fashion brand that sells latest styles of dresses, onesies, knitwear and heels etc." }, { "country_id": "au", "categories_id": [ "all", "mall" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-catch.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.catch.com.au/", "description": "Sells brands in fashion, tech, beauty and sports etc. at low prices" }, { "country_id": "au", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-chemistwarehouse.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au/", "description": "Online Pharmacy for prescriptions, vitamins, weight loss, baby care etc" }, { "country_id": "au", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-chemist-direct.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.chemistdirect.com.au/", "description": "UK-based company providing medical products and beauty products online" }, { "country_id": "au", "categories_id": [ "all", "mall" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-coles.jpg", "link_url": "https://shop.coles.com.au/", "description": "A leading Australian retailer that sells products in various categories" }, { "country_id": "au", "categories_id": [ "all", "accessories", "men", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-crumpler.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.crumpler.com/au/", "description": "Established in 1995. Designs unique and sturdy bags and luggage in Australia" }, { "country_id": "au", "categories_id": [ "all", "mall" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-davidjones.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.davidjones.com/", "description": "Australia’s oldest department store that sells fashion, accessories and beauty products" }, { "country_id": "au", "categories_id": [ "all", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-emu.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.emuaustralia.com.au/", "description": "Australian lifestyle brand that is best known for their sheepskin and Merino Wool products" }, { "country_id": "au", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-epharmacy.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.epharmacy.com.au/", "description": "A retail store for pharmaceutical products" }, { "country_id": "au", "categories_id": [ "all", "food", "home", "others" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-fivesenses.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.fivesenses.com.au", "description": "A wholesale coffee roaster and retail coffee seller" }, { "country_id": "au", "categories_id": [ "all", "men", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-gluestore.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.gluestore.com.au/", "description": "Sells a massive range of jeans, t shirts, dresses, shirts, etc from big international & local brands" }, { "country_id": "au", "categories_id": [ "all", "baby" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-gotoddler.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.gotoddler.com.au/", "description": "An online store that includes almost 4,000 items for baby and toddler" }, { "country_id": "au", "categories_id": [ "all", "home" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-harrisscarfe.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.harrisscarfe.com.au/", "description": "Leading Australian retailer in homewares, manchester and men’s & women’s apparel" }, { "country_id": "au", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-inessence.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.inessence.com.au/m", "description": "Established in 1986, Australia’s leading aromatherapy brand that sell 100% pure essential oil" }, { "country_id": "au", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-jurqulie.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.jurlique.com/au/", "description": "Leading in natural skincare, uses advanced technology to create products from organic ingredients" }, { "country_id": "au", "categories_id": [ "all", "mall" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-kmart.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.kmart.com.au/", "description": "Nationwide retailer of electronics, toys, clothing, bedding, furniture & home decor" }, { "country_id": "au", "categories_id": [ "all", "baby" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-littleorganics.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.littleorganics.com.au/", "description": "One-stop shop for natural and organic baby products, organic foods and gifts" }, { "country_id": "au", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-mecca.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.mecca.com.au/", "description": "Well-known beauty chain store in Australia that offers an exclusive edit of over 100 global brands" }, { "country_id": "au", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "accessories" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-mimco.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.mimco.com.au/", "description": "Designs unique accessories for women such as bags, jewellery, shoes, wallet, etc" }, { "country_id": "au", "categories_id": [ "all", "home" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-minijumbuk.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.minijumbuk.com.au/", "description": "Manufacture wool blankets, quilts, mattress toppers & pillows from pure premium wool" }, { "country_id": "au", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-mor.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.morboutique.com/", "description": "Offer an expansive line of products for all of your beauty and skin care needs" }, { "country_id": "au", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-mychemist.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.mychemist.com.au/", "description": "Sell over 10,000 vitamin, weight loss, medicine, beauty & health products" }, { "country_id": "au", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "accessories" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-oroton.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.oroton.com.au/", "description": "Australian luxury fashion accessories company known for its leather handbags" }, { "country_id": "au", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-prefectpoint.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.perfectpotion.com.au/", "description": "Create a sanctuary for the senses with range of organic skincare & aromatherapy products" }, { "country_id": "au", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-pharmacyonline.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.pharmacyonline.com.au/", "description": "An online pharmacy that sells pharmacy products, skin care, vitamins and supplements, pet care products and more" }, { "country_id": "au", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-priceline.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.priceline.com.au/", "description": "Australia’s leading health & beauty retailer that offers a range of makeup and skincare items" }, { "country_id": "au", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-sephora-1.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.sephora.com.au/", "description": "Originated in France, a beauty brand that offers selection of makeup, skincare, fragrance" }, { "country_id": "au", "categories_id": [ "all", "food", "home", "others" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-sevensdees.jpg", "link_url": "https://sevenseeds.com.au/", "description": "We-known coffee roasters in Australia which sells coffee beans and related products online" }, { "country_id": "au", "categories_id": [ "all", "home", "fashion" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-sheridan.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.sheridan.com.au/", "description": "Offer a range of luxurious bed linen, sheets, towels, homewares, home decor, kids & baby, etc" }, { "country_id": "au", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-sukinnaturals.jpg", "link_url": "https://sukinnaturals.com/", "description": "Australia’s natural skincare brand that offers a range of products including esstenial oil & hair care" }, { "country_id": "au", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-surfstitch.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.surfstitch.com/", "description": "One of the Australia’s largest fashion retailers with an emphasis on surfing culture" }, { "country_id": "au", "categories_id": [ "all", "baby", "mall", "home" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-target.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.target.com.au/", "description": "Mid-price department store chain that sells women’s fashion, kids’ clothing, babywear, etc." }, { "country_id": "au", "categories_id": [ "all", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-ugg.jpg", "link_url": "https://au.ugg.com/", "description": "Offer a range of finest quality sheepskin boots, discount could be 50% off the original price" }, { "country_id": "au", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men", "accessories" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-universalstore.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.universalstore.com/", "description": "Leading destination for men’s and women’s denim and street fashion" }, { "country_id": "it", "categories_id": [ "all", "mall" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-amazon-it.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.amazon.it/", "description": "Global online shop with biggest selection of books, electronics, apparel and more" }, { "country_id": "it", "categories_id": [ "all", "others" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-computeruniverse.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.computeruniverse.net/de/", "description": "Computer Universe is the leading online shops for electronic products in constant development" }, { "country_id": "it", "categories_id": [ "all", "baby" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-kidscomfort.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.kidscomfort.eu/", "description": "Kids Comfort launched with a handful of children and baby products" }, { "country_id": "it", "categories_id": [ "all", "men", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-ovs.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.ovs.it/", "description": "OVS is Italy’s leading brand for men’s, women’s and kids’ fashions with best possible prices" }, { "country_id": "it", "categories_id": [ "all", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-pimkie.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.pimkie.it/", "description": "Pimkie is a fast fashion label for young women’s clothing with affordable price" }, { "country_id": "it", "categories_id": [ "all", "mall", "home" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-privalia.jpg", "link_url": "https://it.privalia.com/public/index", "description": "Online-fashion outlet, offering daily sales of products from top brands at exceptional prices" }, { "country_id": "it", "categories_id": [ "all", "accessories", "men", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-studioarch.jpg", "link_url": "https://studioarch.com/it/", "description": "Brand of leather goods for men and women which made by Bovine leather" }, { "country_id": "it", "categories_id": [ "all", "sport" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-telemarkpyrenees.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.telemark-pyrenees.com/", "description": "Telemark Pyrenees opened in 1995 and specialized in Telemark, Alpine touring, Climbing and Mountaineering gear" }, { "country_id": "it", "categories_id": [ "all", "baby" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-windeln.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.windeln.de/", "description": "Windeln offers the largest online assortment of diapers & wet wipes, baby care and baby food products" }, { "country_id": "it", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men", "fashion" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-yoox-2.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.yoox.com/", "description": "YOOX is the leading online lifestyle store for fashion, design and art" }, { "country_id": "it", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men", "fashion" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-zalando.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.zalando.it/", "description": "Based in Berlin, Germany. Zalando offers fashion and lifestyle products to customers" }, { "country_id": "th", "categories_id": [ "all", "others" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-advice.jpg", "link_url": "https://bit.ly/2vZOSb7", "description": "Popular smartphone and IT product online reseller in thailand" }, { "country_id": "th", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-beautrium.jpg", "link_url": "http://bit.ly/2K7f8bP", "description": "A one stop beauty destination for all beauty lovers" }, { "country_id": "th", "categories_id": [ "all", "mall" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-central.jpg", "link_url": "https://bit.ly/2OieYE8", "description": "Thai best-loved deparment store, offering wide range of product" }, { "country_id": "th", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-harnn.jpg", "link_url": "http://bit.ly/2K1YtXf", "description": "Famous SPA brand offering skin care and aromatherapy products" }, { "country_id": "th", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-jaspal.jpg", "link_url": "http://bit.ly/2OgWxzn", "description": "The most popular and dynamic Thai ready-to-wear fashion lines" }, { "country_id": "th", "categories_id": [ "all", "mall" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-jdcentra.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.jd.co.th/", "description": "Largest online shopping platform joint-ventured by Thai’s Central group and China’s JD.com" }, { "country_id": "th", "categories_id": [ "all", "mall" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-lazada.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.lazada.co.th/", "description": "Largest ecommence platform in thailand offering wide range of product" }, { "country_id": "th", "categories_id": [ "all", "men", "women", "accessories" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-looksi.jpg", "link_url": "https://en.looksi.com/", "description": "Present latest fashion trend by introducing leading thai and global brand" }, { "country_id": "th", "categories_id": [ "all", "others", "fashion" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-munkong-gadget.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.munkonggadget.com/", "description": "Thai audio product chain store, leading ecommence site for audio product" }, { "country_id": "th", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "accessories" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-pomelo.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.pomelofashion.com/", "description": "Rising thai fashion brand with the best of local, global, and Soko trends found in the products" }, { "country_id": "th", "categories_id": [ "all", "others", "home" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-powerbuy.jpg", "link_url": "https://bit.ly/2Ze6D5b", "description": "One of the business leaders in electronic appliances and IT gadgets in Thailand" }, { "country_id": "th", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-sephora-2.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.sephora.co.th/", "description": "A beauty-retail concept found in 1970, offering wide varity of beauty brands" }, { "country_id": "th", "categories_id": [ "all", "mall", "baby" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-shop-at-24.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.shopat24.com/", "description": "Famous online shopping mall which provides wide range of high-quality products of all type in response to the need of customers" }, { "country_id": "th", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-thann.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.thann.co.th/", "description": "International Brand of Natural Skin Care and Spa" }, { "country_id": "th", "categories_id": [ "all", "mall", "food" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-tops.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.tops.co.th/en/", "description": "Largest supermarket chain in Thailand" }, { "country_id": "th", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-watsons.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.watsons.co.th/", "description": "Asia’s leading health and beauty retailer" }, { "country_id": "th", "categories_id": [ "all", "mall" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-weloveshopping.jpg", "link_url": "https://portal.weloveshopping.com/", "description": "C2C marketplace in thailand, offering choices of lifestyle products" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "sport" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-100mountain.jpg", "link_url": "http://100mountain.com/shop/", "description": "Shop hiking products from various famous outdoor brands" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "books" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-168.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.168books.com.tw/", "description": "Children's book online shop that also offers toys" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "food" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-173cakes.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.173cake.com/", "description": "Offers all kinds of ​pastry products and their bestselling honey cake" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-alasha.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.alasha.com.tw/", "description": "Taiwan's local design brand that sells clothing and lifestyle products" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-ailian.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.ailian.com.tw/", "description": "Maternity clothing store that offers a wide range of fashionable collections" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "accessories" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-alto.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.viaalto.com/?lang=zh-hant", "description": "Minimalist leather and tech accesorries that can be customized and engraved" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-anirek.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.kerina.com.tw/", "description": "Clothing brand established by Taiwanese model Xue Niu Niu" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-bagtoyou.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.btu.com.tw/", "description": "Taiwan's leading luggage store that sells a wide range of suitcases, bags and more" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-beaulace.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.beaulace.com/", "description": "Lingerie store that offers fashionable and also functional underwear" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "food" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-bluebird.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.bluebirdtravel.com.tw/", "description": "Taiwan's popular gift shop that sells famous egg rolls in various flavors" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "books" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-books.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.books.com.tw/", "description": "Taiwan's first online bookstore that sells millions of books, audio & video" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-caco.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.caco.com.tw/home/caco", "description": "American style casual clothing brand that sells men, women and kids wear" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "food" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-coffeego.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.coffeego.com.tw/index.php", "description": "Coffee, coffee related products and equipment" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-dafshoes.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.daf-shoes.com/", "description": "Taiwan women's shoes brand that offers all kinds of women shoes" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "others" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-darts.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.darts.com.tw/", "description": "Taiwanese online dart shop for darts equipment and related products" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "books" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-eslitebookstore.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.eslite.com/", "description": "Well assorted book store that offers Chinese & foreign books, kids books & magazines" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-eyescream.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.eyescream.com.tw/", "description": "Taiwanese women's online shop selling popular Korean fashion" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "others" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-fandora.jpg", "link_url": "https://fandorashop.com/tw/", "description": "Largest Taiwanese graphics shop that sells clothing and more from over 2,000 artists" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "mall" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-fridayshopping.jpg", "link_url": "https://shopping.friday.tw/", "description": "Taiwan's popular shopping site that sells more than 800,000 items of all kinds" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-genquo.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.genquo.com/", "description": "Clothing brand established by Taiwan artist Fan Yiqi" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-gotobuy.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.gotobuy.com.tw/", "description": "Taiwanese women's bargain fashion online shop" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-gracegift.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.gracegift.com.tw/", "description": "Women's fashion and accessories collaborating with major cartoon brands" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "home" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-greatliving.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.greatliving.com.tw/zh-TW/default.aspx", "description": "Improve your sleep with these 100% cotton bedding items" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "food" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-haruhishoppu.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.haruhishoppu.com/ecommerce/", "description": "Shop naturally dried fruit without additives and preservatives" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "fashion" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-hueihuei.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.huei-huei.com/default.php", "description": "Shop decoration and lifestyle items from around the world" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "food", "mall" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-ibonmart.jpg", "link_url": "https://mart.ibon.com.tw/mart/", "description": "Shop snacks, tea and drinks, kitchen supplies and more at this deparment online store" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-jendes.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.jendesstudio.com/", "description": "Brand by Kunling that offers fashionable American street style clothing" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "food" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-jstaiwan.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.jstaiwan.com/GoodsInfo/Index", "description": "Taiwan's popular gift shop that sells popular rice cracker" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "books" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-kingstone.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.kingstone.com.tw/", "description": "Large bookstore that sells books, magazines, and audio-visual products" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "food" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-kowkunfood.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.kow-kun.com.tw/product.php", "description": "Traditional Beef jerky brand with over 40 years history" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "food" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-kuaiche.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.kuaicheshop.com/", "description": "Taiwan's popular gift shop that offers bestselling jerky" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-lillafe.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.lillafe.com/v2/official", "description": "Taiwan's brand that sells perfume creams, perfume candles, etc." }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "food" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-loveeat.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.ez-taiwan.com/", "description": "Offers a wide collection of famous Taiwanese foods and snacks" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "food" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-ladiestea.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.ladiestea.com.tw/ladiestea/index.php", "description": "Shop natural herbal teas, homemade cookies and more!" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "mall" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-malldj.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.malldj.com/Desktop/default.aspx#", "description": "Sells baby product from over 600 well-known brands" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-mandyshop.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.mandyshop.com.tw/Shop/", "description": "Maternity clothes store that offers a wide range of clothing for mums" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-meierq.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.meierq.com/", "description": "Women's fashion online shop that sells clothing with simple, minimalist design" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-mercciboutque22.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.mercci22.com/", "description": "Clothing brand established by Taiwan fashion blogger Hannah" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "food" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-millerpopcorn.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.millerpopcorn.com.tw/", "description": "Shop popcorn with all kinds of different flavors" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-mobo.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.mo-bo.com.tw/", "description": "Famous women's fashion brand" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "food" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-nature.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.eat120.com.tw/", "description": "Sells a variety of foods made with ingredients from Taiwan" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "food" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-oceanplus.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.ocean-plus.com.tw/", "description": "Shop Taiwanese seafood snacks" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "food" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-oktea.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.oktea.com.tw/index.php?type=0", "description": "Offeres healthy drinks and shakes containing milk powder from New Zealand" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-pazzo.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.pazzo.com.tw/", "description": "Women's fashion online shop that sells clothing with simple, minimalist design" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "books", "fashion" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-plain.jpg", "link_url": "https://plain.tw/", "description": "Sells stationery and lifestyle products from various local designers" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-polylulu.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.polylulu.com.tw/", "description": "Women's fashion online shop that sells medium - large sized clothing" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-pufii.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.pufii.com.tw/Shop/", "description": "Women's fashion online shop selling Korean Fashion" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "baby" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-puzzle.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.puzzlefolks.com/", "description": "Offers high-quality kidswear with an affordable price-tag" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-queenshop.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.queenshop.com.tw/zh-TW/QueenShop/Default", "description": "Taiwan's popular women fashion brand" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-rainbow.jpg", "link_url": "http://rainbow-shop.91app.com/v2/official", "description": "Women's fashion online shop that sells timeless, comfortable clothing" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "mall" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-rakuten-1.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.rakuten.com.tw/", "description": "Taiwan's Rakuten. Sells a variety of Japanese food and fashion" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-s3.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.s3.com.tw/TC/", "description": "Offers a variety of popular Japanese, Korean and Taiwan makeup & beauty products" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "food" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-saintpaul.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.saintpaul.com.tw/", "description": "Taiwan's popular gift shop that mainly sells baked good and pastry" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "food" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-shijiantea.jpg", "link_url": "https://shijian.myshopify.com/", "description": "Sells traditional assorted tea with a modern twist" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "food" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-shuigenjerky.jpg", "link_url": "https://sgh.tw/", "description": "Popular jerky brand from Changhua" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "sport" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-siushan.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.xlander.com.tw/", "description": "Outdoor product store with over 40 years history" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "health" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-watashi.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.s-moda.com.tw/", "description": "Offers a wide range of skincare and beauty products" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "baby" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-suitangtang.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.suitangtang.com/", "description": "Women & kids fashion brand estbalished by Taiwan artist Sonia Sui" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "sport" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-sweesa.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.sweesa.com/Shop/", "description": "Women’s fashion online shop that sells clothing with simple, minimalist design" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "food" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-t68.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.t86.com.tw/shop/index.php?route=common/home", "description": "Sells natural and healthy Taiwanese snacks without additives and preservatives" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "food" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-taiwangoodies.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.hjfood.com.tw/v2/official", "description": "Sells baked goods, powder drink mixes, and dried fruit made from Taiwanese ingredients" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "food" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-tangding.jpg", "link_url": "hhttps://www.gingertw.com/", "description": "Offers tea cubes made with brown sugar and scented teas" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "food" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-tenren.jpg", "link_url": "https://mytenren.com/", "description": "Taiwan's most famous tea brand and offering its best-selling '913 series'" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "women" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-tokichoi.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.tokichoi.com.tw/", "description": "Women's fashion shop that sells Japanese and Korean fashion" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "accessories" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-vacanza.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.vacanza.com.tw/", "description": "Selling a wide range of trendy accessories with an affordable price-tag" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "others" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-vbone.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.vbone.com.tw/", "description": "Offers pet foods, supplies and pet health products" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "women", "men" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-vii.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.vii-co.com/App/Shop/Default.aspx", "description": "Taiwanese women's fashion brands" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "book" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-windmill.jpg", "link_url": "https://shopping.windmill.com.tw/index.php", "description": "Children's books, toys and teaching aids" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "books" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-writetime.jpg", "link_url": "https://writetime.waca.ec/", "description": "Sells wide range of writing-related products, calligraphy and stationary" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "food" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-yunye.jpg", "link_url": "https://www.beefpro.com.tw/beefpro/index.php", "description": "Famous Jerky brand which is well-known for its innovative packaging" }, { "country_id": "tw", "categories_id": [ "all", "food" ], "logo_url": "/contents/uploads/2020/01/logo-zhanlucoffee.jpg", "link_url": "http://www.zhanlu.com.tw/", "description": "Coffee roaster that sells indulgent gourmet coffee related products" } ] } } }