Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the following information and Terms of Use before using our service.

General Enquiries

  • Will there be any notification when the parcel arrives at the warehouse?
  • Yes, we will send you an email notification when the registered parcel is logged into the system at our local warehouses.
  • What should I insert for “Receiver”?
  • The online retailer usually requires you to insert the First Name and Last Name of the Receiver. Upon registration as our member, you will be given a “Receiver’s ID”. You can use the “Receiver’s ID” as the receiver during online shopping.
  • What should I insert for “Delivery Address”?
  • You can find the address of our overseas warehouses for each respective country from “Manage your address” at the Membership Center. You can insert the provided First Name、Last Name、Address、City、State、Country、ZipCode、Telephone number accordingly during online shopping. *Note that some websites will prompt an address with changed information, for example “Unit 14” to “Ste14”. In that case, you can use the prompt address.
  • The online retailer did not provide you with tracking number?
  • As long as you filled in the correct First Name, Last Name and Address, we will send you an email regarding the “undeclared parcel” once the parcel arrives at our overseas warehouse, together with the tracking number of the parcel. Please register your parcel and insert all information at “Manage your parcel” from the Membership Center. If the parcel are not declared and added the tracking number within 30 days, the shipment will be discarded.
  • How can I track my parcel?
  • You can track your parcel through the tracking link or tracking number provided by the Online retailer before it arrives at our overseas warehouse. Once it arrives at our warehouse, we will send you an email notification whenever there is an updated delivery status of your parcel.
  • When can I pick up the parcel after it arrives Hong Kong?
  • It takes around 1-2 days for us to arrange, weigh and measure the size of the parcel. We will send you an email notification once it’s ready for pick up.
  • How to calculate the delivery fee?
  • The actual delivery fee will be solely based on the actual weight of the parcel. You can get an estimated shipment fee, for more details, please see the “Delivery fee formula”.
  • How can I pick up my parcel and pay?
  • You can select the pick-up method when you insert the tracking number on our website. You can choose to pick up the parcel at our redemption center / locker or have it delivered to you. Depending on your selected shipment method and type of parcel collection, we accept cash on delivery, online credit card payment or point redemption. For details please visit our Tutorial page – Step 4.

Delivery Enquiries

  • What is the shipment schedule?
  • For details of our transit time and delivery process, please refer to our shipment information.
  • How long does it take for the overseas warehouse to “Check-in” my parcel?
  • Parcels will be processed within 24 to 48 upon arrival at our overseas warehouse (not including Saturday and Sunday local time).
  • What can I do if my parcel is delivered to your overseas warehouse but it is not shown in the system?
  • Parcels will be processed 24 to 48 upon arrival at our overseas warehouse. If it is still not in our system after 48 hours, please provide us your tracking number through our website, we will follow up with it within 48 hours. (Please note that our warehouses will not process any parcels on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.)
  • What is the maximum weight per parcel?
  • Beside China’s parcels, There is no weight limit.
  • What is the maximum size per parcel?
  • The size restriction per tracking number/ parcel is different for different countries, please login to member center and check for parcel restriction information provided under each overseas warehouse address. If the parcel exceeds any of the above restrictions, additional charges may be required. The parcel may also be rejected by the overseas warehouse or the delivery fee may be calculated by Volumetric Weight.
  • Will you alternate the original packaging?
  • If the packing box is too large which may affect the safety of delivery or if the volumetric weight is 5 times over the actual weight, we will repack the parcel or reduce the packing box size.
  • Which company is appointed for the delivery of the parcel in Hong Kong?
  • Morning Express and Logistics Limited will be delivering the parcels in Hong Kong to ensure the effectiveness of the delivery.
  • What happens if the registered weight and the actual weight are different?
  • If you have any questions regarding calculations of chargeable weight, please contact us through the enquiry bar, we will investigate it within a business day.
  • What happens if the registered size and the actual size are different?
  • There may be an acceptable measurement error of 1cm. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding volumetric weight calculations.
  • How long can the parcel be stored in the warehouses?
  • Except for the US warehouse, all shipments received from overseas warehouses will be sent to the Hong Kong warehouse automatically. If the members do not declare/ consolidate their parcel, the shipment will only be stored in the US or Hong Kong warehouse for up to 30 days, and we will then proceed to discard the shipment without further notice.
  • How long can the parcel be stored in the warehouse in Hong Kong?
  • Parcels can be stored in our Hong Kong warehouse up to for 14 days, free of charge. After 14 days, there will be a storage fee of HK$10 per day per parcel for a maximum of 30 days. After that date, the parcel will be discarded.
  • How long can the parcel be stored in the redemption center?
  • Parcels can be stored in the redemption center for up to 7 days, free of charge. After 7 days, there will be a storage fee of HK$10 per day per parcel for a maximum of 30 days. After that date, the parcel will be discarded.
  • How long can the parcel be stored in the redemption locker or third party redemption center?
  • The parcel can be stored in the redemption locker or third party redemption center free of charge for 3 days. After 3 days, the parcel will be sent back to Buyandship’s redemption center in Kwai Fong, no further arrangement will be available after the parcel is returned. It can only be picked-up in Buyandship’s Kwai Fong redemption center. Please contact us if you have any inquiry
  • Can I change the delivery method or redemption location?
  • The delivery method or the redemption location cannot be changed after the parcel is sent out from Overseas. If you wish to make a change, please contact us before the parcel is sent out.
  • Is there any limitation on consolidaton?
  • Yes, the total number of consolidated shipments cannot exceed our limit of 50 shipments.
  • Can I return the parcel to the online retailer?
  • Please note that we cannot cancel, return, or reject shipments upon request should they have already arrived at all of our warehouses. However, if the parcel does not meet or violates any HK shipping requirements, we are willing to assist in sending the parcel back to the seller. Please do keep these factors in consideration before making a purchase and shipping through Buyandship.

Lost or Damaged

  • What happens if the parcel I received is not what I purchased?
  • In most cases, we will not count the parcel, if the information regarding the receiver and the address is correct, please contact the corresponding online retailer for enquiry.
  • What happens if the product is damaged?
  • Please confirm the condition of the parcel before signing the receipt. If the parcel is damaged, please take a picture of the product and contact us immediately, we will compensate for the cost based on the compensation principle.
  • Is there any compensation if the parcel got lost or damaged?
  • If our parcel insurance plan is not used, we will compensate the actual value of the parcel at the maximum of HK$700 if the parcel is lost. Please refer to the following regarding to terms and conditions for lost or damaged goods.

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