Christmas Gift Ideas 2019 – 6 Best Gifts under $500

Merry Christmas! It’s the time of year again. And Christmas shopping just gets more difficult when you try to find a present to exchange with your friends or family. Don’t limit yourself to Hong Kong stores! Why not sending some quality and cool gifts from overseas online stores to surprise them! Here we picked out 6 Christmas gifts ideas with the practicality of less than $500 for you!   👉🏻Get the code to earn $25 shipping credit when signing up👈🏻 👉🏻Get $30 shipping credit by sharing your referral no.👈🏻 6 Best Useful Christmas Gifts under $500 Marshall Mode EQ in-Ear Headphones Marshall’s headphones are not only good at sound quality but also the product appearance Black and gold is the new black Mode EQ Switch is perfect for bass-heavy sounds   Online Price Local Price US$49.99(about HK$392) HK$799   ☞Shop on amazon Origins Skincare Essentials Set Origins products are made..

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