Super Delivery | Most Popular Items of the Month

SUPER DELIVERY is Japan’s largest wholesale website with 1,300 suppliers and more than 760,000 trendy items. You can shop for popular fashion items, interior decoration, and daily groceries in Japan 24/7. As long as you are a member, you can purchase all kinds of Japanese daily necessities, electrical appliances, clothing, food, etc. at a wholesale price of 40-60% compared to the retail price. Find the most popular items of the last month below. Simply click the title to be forwarded to the item. Register as a member at SUPER DELIVERY and get 1,000円 as a reward!Register here: ► Lifestyle product-Toy’s Story Storage Box This storage box is very popular among children and their parents, because not only is it very functional, useful for storage, it also shows the main characters of the popular Toy Storys as a print! The dimensions are 390×255×185mm,and 390×255×55mm when folded and it can store around..

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