THREE Important updates you have to know about US shipping


There are 3 important issues on shipping from US. Please be patient and pay attention to the notes below.

1. The New ZIP code of US warehouse is changed

Please note that the latest ZIP Code of US warehouse is 97251-9614, instead of the one with “9616” as the extension number which announced in an earlier post. The latest ZIP code has already come into effect. You are strongly encouraged to update your US shipping information as soon as possible. Buyandship deeply apologizes for any inconvenience that caused to you.

Buyandship has received numbers of feedback from our users that when they entered 97251 (the ZIP code of our US warehouse), some US shopping sites automatically filled in “9614” as an extension number (the last four digits) of the ZIP code which is different from the number shown on our website. Noticing on the number difference, we immediately contacted the USPS to clarify the ZIP code of our US warehouse. From the reply of USPS, it stated that “9614” is currently shown on their postal system as the extension number of our US warehouse which was not the one we have been given by the USPS a few months ago. Knowing the change of ZIP code, we have updated the information of our US warehouse.

Here are two questions about the ZIP Code of our US warehouse that you may be interested in

  1. Q: What if I have used the “9616” as the extension number of the ZIP code?

    Don’t worry. We have checked with the USPS, and confirmed that if you used 97251-961″6” with a proper shipping address (the address of our US warehouse), your parcel could be sent to our warehouse. However, there might be a delay on the delivery because of the ZIP code. Some parcels may need 1 to 2 extra days for the delivery.

  2. Q: What if eBay does not accept any one of the following ZIP codes, 97251, 97251-9614, 97230, 97230-3440?

    When you enter 97251-9614 as the ZIP Code of your US shipping information on eBay, it sometimes pops out a message that the ZIP code is invalid which is believed to be a problem of eBay’s system. We contacted eBay about this issue, and still wait for their reply. Here are the ZIP codes which may have problems on eBay, 97251, 97251-9614, 97230 and 97230-3440.

If you come across these problems when you shop on eBay, please be patient. Buyandship is keeping track of the issue and will update you with the latest news from eBay.

If you still have inquiries about the ZIP code, please feel free to contact us. Once again, we apologize to any inconvenience caused to you. Thank you for your cooperation with regards to the change.

2. New US warehouse is on-board with the closure of the original one

The original US warehouse is no longer available. Any parcels sent to this location will be regarded as discarded. Our new US warehouse in NE Airport Way has started operation for months. Please check if your US shipping address is updated. Click HERE to get the latest information of our New US warehouse.

3. 1 min-step to avoid missing your Amazon’s package

This 1-min step can minimize risk of losing your parcels on the way to our warehouse, just because of an avoidable human-made reason. Here are only a few steps to go. Then, your parcels can be sent in a more secure way.

We strive to offer you a more efficient overseas shipping with our best services. Thank you for your continued support to Buyandship.