Service Price Adjustment! Consolidate your orders to save money

We thank you for your continued support of Buyandship! With your trust, Buyandship can have a good development in a short time, and providing you with more online shopping options and various exclusive offers.

Due to the substantial price increase of S.F. Express, Buyandship will adjust the price of the delivery fee from 00:00 on August 20. People who choose to pick up at S.F. station should seize the chance to shop online now and consolidate the orders before 23:59 on August 19.

Here are the price adjustments for our shipping services in US, UK, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Italy:

Pick-up Location Every lb.
Buyandship Redemption Center HK$22
3rd Redemption Center/ Alfred Smart Locker HK$24
S.F. Store HK$29
Commercial Area Delivery HK$25 (*For residential and remote areas, an additional HK$25 will be charged.)

Here is the price adjustment for our shipping services in China:

Pick-up Location First 2 lb. Additional lb.
Buyandship Redemption Center HK$20 HK$5
3rd Redemption Center/ Alfred Smart Locker HK$30 HK$7
S.F. Store HK$36 HK$12
Commercial Area Delivery HK$35 (*For residential and remote areas, an additional HK$15 will be charged.) HK$8

In spite of the price increase on S.F. Store, the delivery fee for Buyandship Redemption Center will remain the same price; moreover, the price for the delivery service is HK$1 lower per lb. than before. In the meanwhile, we will provide more pick-up spots in OK Convenience Store or Alfred Smart Locker for our users to have more options.
Buyandship promises to do it better, and to bring a high-quality shipping experience so that our users can enjoy online shopping with joy!

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