Brand new US Warehouse Zip Code More smooth and speedy delivery

Buyandship US warehouse has been updated to 97251-9616, please make sure you have filled in correct address and Zip code when making orders. Of course please make sure you have filled in the user id as well!

While most of the E-commerce site accept “97251″ in the ZIP code field, some websites may request another 4 digit. In this case, please fill in 97251-9616. If the website automatically corrects it to 97230-3440 (old Zip code) due to the not up-to-date system data, please inform the seller to update the Zip code (97251-9616) accordingly. It ensures a more smooth parcel delivery to the US warehouse. If you are facing any problems, please do not hesitate to contact our CS staff for help.

For members made purchase recently in the US E-commerce site, do not worry and no actions needed to be taken. The parcel delivery will be fine. Just wait for your parcel is fine!

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