Shop a FOREO Luna Mini For Only HK$561

The Foreo Luna effectively cleanses your face from all the make up and skin products, leaving your skin fresh and clean and preventing it from break outs! Many beauty bloggers love the Foreo Luna and always bring it on their travels as well!
Lookfantastic is offering 35% off Foreo Luna Cleansers right now, so if you’ve been thinking about going one step further in your beauty routine, now is your chance! Get the Luna Mini for only £55.25 (about HK$561). The Hong Kong official website is selling it for HK$1160. Half the price off!

Or get the Luna Mini 2 for only £77.35 (about HK$786), which retails in Hong Kong for HK$1230!

Cleansing your face properly will only take you 1 minute now!

This offer lasts until  9th of august, and if you purchase over £60 you can get Tracked Delivery to Hong Kong.

Foreo Luna Minis at Lookfantastic: